4 Hour Service Level

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4 Hour Service Level

Can you advise what is a definition of a 4 hour SLA? This is given to me by one of the managers of the accounts im supposed to calculate the staffing requirements for. im used to seeing 80/20 SLAs or something like that. How can you factor in a 4hour SLA to your staffing requirements? thank you

Question asked by John

Number of Queries Handled Within 4 Hours

Service level = (Number of queries handled within 4 hours / Number of queries offered ) * 100

This article has the formula. It is designed for calls, but is also applicable to other work tasks.

How to Calculate Contact Centre Service Level

You can plug the details into the Erlang calculator


or into the simulator


With thanks to Jonty

Required Service Level

Thank Jonty! On the calculator, I’m assuming I will the 4 hour SLA to the “Target Answer Time” area which is 14,400 sec. On the Required Service Level should I put 100% since there are no Required service level mentioned? Thanks!

With thanks to John

Published On: 12th Apr 2022 - Last modified: 5th May 2022
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