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8×8 has announced that 8×8 XCaaS (eXperience Communications as a Service) has an integrated cloud phone and contact centre solution to support multinational enterprises with operations in Russia.

Leveraging patented 8×8 Global Reach technology, this expansion provides global organizations with high quality of service and reliability, unlimited local calling, streamlined deployment and management, and access to emergency services and local numbers in Russia.

Multinational companies have traditionally relied upon the combination of costly local-hosted gateways and VPNs to allow Russia-based offices and employees to communicate inside and outside of Russia. These solutions caused reliability, security, quality, and cost concerns, especially for in-country calling over Russia’s Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

8×8 XCaaS now offers these organizations a differentiated, high-quality service in Russia for domestic and international business communications that is financially backed by the industry’s only platform-wide 99.999 percent SLA across an integrated cloud UCaaS and CCaaS solution.

Removing Cost and Complexity at a Global Scale

In addition to Russia, 8×8 announced Global Reach expansion that enables organizations to rapidly add enterprise-grade PSTN connectivity and local direct inward dial (DID) numbers in Japan and Puerto Rico. 8×8 now delivers full PSTN replacement services in 46 countries and territories.

Organizations relying on Microsoft Teams for collaboration can also utilize the 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams direct routing solution and 8×8 contact centre for Microsoft Teams, which is certified by Microsoft, for users in those countries.

“IT and CX leaders for multinational organizations can’t afford to make inefficient and costly communications decisions, especially as they shift to a hybrid workforce,” said Denise Lund, Research Director, WW Telecom and Unified Communications at IDC.

“An integrated cloud voice, messaging, video, and contact centre solution from a single provider, like 8×8 XCaaS, is a flexible, viable solution that not only helps ensure business continuity and communications but also customer engagement requirements in key use cases around the globe.

“Expanding global reach into Russia and Japan while still delivering high-quality services and a platform-wide SLA also provides organizations with additional peace of mind.”

Operating a geographically redundant cloud infrastructure spanning 35 regions worldwide, 8×8 delivers high-quality and reliable global connectivity for superior business resilience and data residency adherence.

8×8’s patented Global Reach routing technology delivers the top-level service reliability and assurance guarantees that organizations require for operational success. Highlights include:

  • Multiple levels of redundancy at the infrastructure, platform, data, and geographic layers.
  • Patented Global Reach routing technology provides high availability and superior voice and video quality across the globe.
  • Connectivity with over 40 top-tier PSTN carriers around the world for optimal voice quality, coverage, and redundancy, delivering full PSTN replacement services in 46 countries and unlimited global calling plans to up to 48 countries.
  • 35 redundant, cloud-agnostic regions providing high availability, active-active service delivery and global coverage.
  • The resilient, secure, and compliant 8×8 eXperience Communications Platform, 8×8 offers the highest levels of reliability and the industry’s only financially backed, platform-wide 99.999 percent SLA across an integrated cloud UCaaS and CCaaS solution.
  • Real-time metrics and 24×7 observability with two redundant Network Operations Centers in the US and EU.
  • Transparent, public site providing detailed current status for monitoring the latest network and service conditions.

8×8’s patented Global Reach technology ensures the highest voice quality and reliability in the cloud, leveraging big data and machine learning technologies to route calls automatically to the nearest data centre, delivering crystal clear audio and video connections, superior call quality and conversations that sound and feel natural.

“As organizations expand globally, these multinational companies need to ensure that their workforce has the same access to communications, collaboration, and customer engagement capabilities, regardless of where each individual is located,” said Meghan Keough, Senior Vice President of Product and Corporate Marketing at 8×8, Inc.

“Multinationals operating in countries like Russia and Japan, can utilize 8×8 XCaaS across the entire organization.

“This provides cost-effective, enterprise-grade voice quality and reliability, which is critical to meeting employee and customer engagement requirements, on both a local and international level, in this new hybrid work environment.”

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