A tough competency based interview question

In my meeting with Andy Griffin last week we discussed some tough interview techniques.

Andy said that one of his favourite interview questions (particularly for sales people) was –

“If you were a dog, what would you be?”

This is one where the answer does not matter – it’s the way that you answer it.

Andy said that there are lots of people who give you all the right text-book answers (the guarded ones that don’t reveal too much), but when they get to this question they are thrown right off guard and give you a real insight.

You might expect an answer like “I would be a Jack Russell because I like to sink my teeth in and never give up till I get the sale.”

The most surprising answer was “I would be a Spaniel.” When asked to explain, he said that he was well liked, had lots of energy and was able to build rapport with people. A good answer.

So which dog would you be and do you have any other examples of good interview questions? Leave your answers in the Forum


Published On: 5th Dec 2011 - Last modified: 6th Jul 2018
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  1. I would be a mongrel as I am very complex on the one hand I am very loyal like a collie on the other hand I am very disaplined like an alsation also very fun loving like a boxer so very adaptable

    shirley 19 Oct at 9:21 am
  2. I would be a bull mastif. They are very loyal, walk with a swagger (showing confidence), cuddly, Strong and respected by other dogs. They are docile unless you poke them with a stick when they are likely to bite you.

    Garth 13 Feb at 2:08 pm
  3. I was once asked if you were a fish in the sea what would you be?
    I first thought a Shark but then thought a shark would terrorise all the other fish make them scared and be very unpopular! So I thought what about a Dolphin which is intelligent, a good swimmer, does tricks and is well liked by all!

    Barrie Hayward 29 Mar at 11:08 pm
  4. [editor note: dolphins are apparently mammals – thanks for everyones feedback]

    Rachael Boynton 28 Jul at 4:45 pm
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