Interview Question: Do You Have Experience Working Towards Targets and KPIs

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Interview Question: Do You Have Experience Working Towards Targets and KPIs

I am applying for job and one question they are asking is -Do you have experience working towards targets and KPIs?

How do I answer that?

I have not worked in a call centre before, I have worked in retail as a customer service assistant.

Question asked by Michelle

How to Prepare for A Call Centre Job

The top 50 interview questions

I came across this article on the website, that really helped me prepare for my interview: Top 50 Customer Service Interview questions – with answers: Top 50 Customer Service Interview Questions – with Answers

It covers the main questions that will be asked in a ‘call centre’ interview, and how to prepare answers for them. The last question in the list asks “Please outline and describe your current targets and KPIs “How do you ensure you achieve these?”

More questions – for practice

There is also this article, Top 10 Customer Service Team Leader Interview Questions which are interview questions for a team leader position, but are relevant for most positions in the contact centre.

With thanks to Rosie

The Top KPIs

We also have an article that shows the top KPIs that companies are using: The Best KPIs to Use in Your Call Centre

With thanks to Jonty

Do You Have Any Targets Which Require You to Meet Certain Standards?

In your current role, do you have any targets which require you to meet certain standards? Things like accuracy on the till, customer satisfaction scores i.e. mystery shopping, sales revenue generated, store card sign-ups – that sort of thing? If so, then you have real experience of working towards targets.

Don’t be too blinded by the term ‘KPI’ either. I’ve heard many different descriptions for the same thing over the years such as SLAs, KPAs, KPIs, EBRs.

With thanks to Bill O’Reilly

Customer Service Targets

Whilst working in a customer service environment, as a waitress, I had targets for selling the most deserts and cocktails, getting the most trip advisor reviews.

Maybe you had something similar in your past job that could be used for the answer to that KPI question

With thanks to Amy

Call Centre KPIs

Here is a list of the top KPIs that are used in the call centre. Maybe you could read this article to find out more about the KPI’s that are used in the contact centre: An Introduction to Contact Centre KPIs and KPAs

You can then use this to prepare for a an interview in a call centre, and create an answer that links to your experience

With thanks to Pam

Published On: 12th Apr 2022 - Last modified: 14th Apr 2022
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