AHT Glide Path (Learning Curve) Calculation

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AHT Glide Path (Learning Curve) Calculation

What would be the the best way to calculate the AHT Glide Path?

Is there any template or standard formula i could use?

That will be so helpful

Thank you!

Question asked by Luis

What Do You Mean By Glide Path

I presume that by “AHT Glide Path” you mean the time that it takes for a new member of staff to bring their AHT down to the level of proficient staff.

The standard calculation for AHT can be found in our article: How to Measure Average Handling Time (AHT)

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Use Existing Staff as a Baseline

I would use existing staff to see how long it takes for new starters to get up to speed. We used to track AHT weekly for our new starters so that we could use the data in our forward planning.

It usually ended up that they took around double the normal time to handle a call to start with, which then dropped off to “normal” AHT by the end of week 7 or 8.

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Two Possible Approaches

I think there could be 2 approaches here.

One – you track the average AHT for the whole new hire (NH) group and you measure how fast that average gets to the target/level of tenured advisors.

Two – each week you can track the % of NHs that started achieving the target. The lengths of the learning curve in this case will be until the moment everyone is this group achieve the goal and you’ll get a 100%. That will be longer than if you calculate the average of the group.

For planning purposes I’d use the first one because you need the average anywhere.

For actually understanding how the group progresses the second.

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Author: Jonty Pearce

Published On: 12th Apr 2022 - Last modified: 21st Apr 2022
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