NICE Integrate Their IVR With Artificial Intelligence

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NICE has announced that it is integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its Interactive Voice Response  Optimisation (IVRO) version 8.0 solution, enabling organisations to deliver a better experience on one of the most popular touchpoints of the customer journey.

NICE IVRO 8.0 is designed to streamline menus and facilitate self-service so customers can easily get the answers they need, while enabling organisations to benefit from a lower deflection to contact centres.

NICE was cited in The Forrester Wave: Journey Visioning Platforms, Q4 2018 Report. The report stated that it “lets users drill into journeys (micro and macro) and slice and dice data to visualise moments of truth, pain points, and KPI changes.”

With AI-driven analytics capabilities, NICE IVRO 8.0 allows organisations to increase self-service within the IVR channel.

By offering organisations journey visualisation of every interaction, identifying disparities and obstructions in menus and processes, as well as delivering insights on how to simplify and personalise journeys, this new version boosts customer experience while saving operational costs.

IVRO 8.0 is easy to deploy, can be added atop any IVR platform and enables users to easily visualise and analyse IVR flows and identify opportunities for improvement, providing impactful results.

The cutting-edge capabilities in NICE IVRO version 8.0 include:

  • Menu Complexity Score: a weighted metric that measures the level of complexity per IVR menu, based on a combination of the time spent on the menu, the number of times a customer has to repeat it and the volume going through it.
  • AI-driven menu optimisation: an AI-powered feature that determines the optimal structure for IVR menu options within a customer journey and provides reordering recommendations to save customers time and improve self-service.
  • AI-driven Quick Insights: an AI-powered feature that analyses the most significant differences between customer segments and journey flows to provide valuable insights into the reasons for containment. Quick Insights predicts the likelihood that certain customer attributes may lead to transfer from IVR to agent, errors in the IVR or self-service flow failure.
  • Integration between NICE Nexidia Speech Analytics and IVR analytics: enables drilling down to full-featured speech analytics for calls resulting from specific IVR journeys to uncover root causes behind deflection.

Barry Cooper, President, NICE Enterprise Group, said, “In today’s competitive marketplace where an omnichannel customer experience is a must-have, IVR is no longer an avenue that companies can afford to ignore.”

“What’s more, it’s vital for these systems to be intuitive, contextual and personalised if they are to deliver the level of service customers expect while lowering operating costs.”

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Barry Cooper

“Customers want the ability to self-serve when interacting with a brand and the IVR channel is an untapped resource to help them accomplish that.”

“NICE IVRO 8.0 exemplifies NICE’s uncompromising commitment to innovation, enabling organisations to understand behaviour patterns and uncover actionable insights that increase in-channel resolution and ultimately improve customer experience while driving down operational costs.”

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Author: Jonty Pearce

Published On: 28th Feb 2019 - Last modified: 5th Mar 2019
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