Case Study: Seasalt Achieves a 100% Rise in Evaluations

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  • INDUSTRY: Apparel
  • RESULT: 100% increase in monthly evaluations
  • RESULT: Attrition fell from 100% to 10% year-on-year


Seasalt makes beautiful clothing for men and women, aiming to inspire them to dress creatively and confidently, no matter their age.

Grounded in sustainable principles, the brand has become well-loved for its nature-inspired design and focus on Cornwall’s amazing community of artists and makers.


Seasalt wanted to reduce manual processes, allowing senior members of their team to use their time to focus on driving insights and improvements.

They wanted their customer service to be truly rooted in reality, based on real-world data that could enhance the customer experience.

“I truly believe QA is absolutely vital to ensuring we’re offering our customers what we should be,” says Sophie Littlefair, Senior Customer Service Manager at Seasalt.

But while Sophie is passionate about QA, she admits that it hasn’t always been seen as such a priority.

The team decided to start from scratch, focusing on creating a robust QA framework that would deliver the internal benefits Seasalt needed in order to be able to really focus on the customer. Here at evaluagent, we’re delighted to be part of their journey.

Implementation and Benefits

Implementation involved getting scorecards weighted correctly and integrating with Seasalt’s existing customer service tools, but there’s a certain feature that’s really unlocked potential for the brand.

“Auto Work Queues were a game-changer for us,” says Daniel Henry, Quality and Performance Monitor at Seasalt.

This automation, along with the Freshworks integration, has freed up tons of Dan’s time – selection bias has been eliminated, there’s no jumping between systems, and now he can use his time to really drill down and unearth findings, instead of using manual processes.

“I’m now able to dig a bit deeper, identify root causes of problems, and focus on communications and training,” says Daniel. “It’s great that we can focus Auto Work Queues in particular areas if we notice repeat problems in, for example, refunds or returns.”

On the training side, the team believe the data visualization has also significantly helped in engaging the wider business and enhancing Seasalt’s customer service.

Daniel regularly links up with the internal CX team, who compare their own tests and data with that of evaluagent, helping to elevate the customer experience at a business-wide level.

“I can look into what errors have been made, identify trends, and produce a report to the team of focus points and areas for improvement,” says Daniel.

This data gets fed back to Assistant Managers, which is then further used in one-to-ones, creating a feedback loop that keeps Quality Scores climbing.

“We’ve definitely seen improvements across the board because we now have this consistent data. It really is the foundation on which all of our coaching comes from now,” Sophie adds.


100% Increase in Evaluations Completed Per Month

An astonishing improvement, helped along by evaluagent’s automation features. Sophie and Daniel are delighted that the platform has supported them in not only saving time, but also achieving their goal of prioritizing QA to get a clearer picture of the customer experience.

Attrition Fell from 100% to 10% Year-On-Year

While there were a number of variables impacting attrition rates, Sophie credits evaluagent with helping them turn things around with increased transparency.

Whether agents need coaching or celebrating, Sophie says “evaluagent is part of the change in the way that we work with the team, impacting attrition in a positive way.”

“It’s also a great yardstick for progression,” Daniel adds. “We can see when people are high performing and may be ready for a more senior position.”

Fewer Interactions Escalated

“We get fewer complaints and referrals that get escalated,” says Sophie. “I think that’s because we’re offering a more consistent service across the board. Our team gets the same training and coaching thanks to the tools we have in place”.

The result? Senior members of the team can focus on more complex tasks, facilitating even more enhancements and efficiency.

The Future

With a robust approach to QA now firmly embedded in the business, the spotlight will shift to getting more of the team onboarded onto evaluagent.

The brand is looking to start using evaluagent for one-to-ones and calibration, building on their already fantastic numbers for a seamless, sophisticated QA program.

“Our agents are incredibly engaged with what evaluagent offers. It’s not a secret, it’s not scary, it’s not Big Brother is watching. It removes the mystery because it’s so completely transparent.” Sophie Littlefair, Senior Customer Service Manager

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Published On: 5th Dec 2023
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