How to Choose Which Calls to Evaluate


Tatiana Polyakova, COO, MiaRec, explains four ways to choose which calls to evaluate.

Four Ways to Help Choose Which Calls to Evaluate

With the volume of calls received in the contact centre, how do you choose which calls to focus on?

1. Start by Establishing Specific Evaluation Criteria

Well, first start by establishing specific evaluation criteria. Define what constitutes a high-priority call, based on factors like customer satisfaction, sales conversion, or compliance issues.

2. Leverage Speech Analytics Tools

Next, leverage speech analytics tools, as they will help you to uncover patterns and trends in call data.

Speech analytics tools can group calls by topics like poor customer service, highlighting instances of subpar experiences. Combining topic and sentiment analysis can help highlight the calls needing attention.

For instance, calls categorized under a topic like poor customer service, with negative customer sentiment, indicate potential issues that need immediate attention. This targeted approach allows managers to focus resources where they are most needed.

3. Use AI Automation Tools

We also suggest using AI automation tools to automatically pre-score calls based on set criteria, highlighting those with low scores. This automated process streamlines evaluation, offering insights into agent performance and training needs.

Human evaluators then can focus on providing personalized training and coaching when it’s most needed.

4. Collaborate With Frontline Agents

Tatiana Polyakova, COO, MiaRec

Lastly, collaborate with your frontline agents to collect insights on calls that best represent typical interactions. The first-hand experience is crucial to making effective evaluation decisions.

By employing these strategies, you can optimize your call evaluation process, and enhance both agent performance and customer experience.

With thanks to Tatiana Polyakova, COO, MiaRec, for contributing to this video.

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Published On: 23rd Apr 2024 - Last modified: 10th May 2024
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