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We’ve been trusted experts in testing contact centre customer experience for many years. One of the advantages of our experience is that we get to help large enterprises overcome a huge range of challenges.

Some have outgrown their current contact centre solutions; some have been challenged by recent mergers and some are seeking to place more emphasis on reaching their customers via different channels… the list goes on.

But one trend that is prevalent is migration to the cloud. Key analysts report that 90% of contact centre agent seats still access on-premises applications, but this number is shifting rapidly. In a survey by Cisco in 2020, of the largest contact centres 62% said they would be shifting to the cloud within the next 18 months.

Even taking into account the pandemic, the evidence we’ve seen supports the opinion that mass contact centre migration to the cloud is already underway.

Migrating a contact centre to the cloud is not an easy task. It takes careful planning coupled with precise execution. If a company can place a large amount of emphasis on the planning stage, the likelihood of a successful implementation of the project will massively increase.

A key part of planning is auditing what currently exists. Capturing and understanding your current system configuration and IVR map enables you to optimize your solution going forward. This process is also critical in the automation of the verification, stress testing and ongoing monitoring of your new implementation.

As we’ve repeatedly seen, a well-executed cloud migration plan will avoid costly mistakes in implementation and ensure your project goals are met on time and on budget. Once completed, your company can enjoy the benefits of why you migrated to the cloud in the first place, whether it be scale, optimization, introduction of new capabilities or all the above.

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Published On: 31st May 2022 - Last modified: 3rd Jul 2023
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