Digital Customer Experience Summit

Digital Customer Experience Summit 24

Date: 05 November to 06 November 2024

Location: Toronto, ON

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Welcome to the 10th edition of the Digital Customer Experience Summit. With our speakers holding positions in public and private sectors, DCX covers the latest technology, consumer behaviour, and customer experience trends for 2024.

  • Build a smarter CX and effective customer experience management (CXM) to shift your business in the digital space.
  • Measure and manage CX metrics for enhanced customer communication transformation on digital platforms.
  • Integrate the latest tech impacting customer experience, digital experience, customer data operationalization, and customer service.
  • Implement an organizational structure that aggregates data into a single system to deliver actionable insight across the entire business.
  • Underpin organizational data to execute VoC programs for leveraging AI & data analytics, holding the key to growth of your service and experience function in 2024.

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Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 22nd Dec 2023 - Last modified: 27th Mar 2024
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