Case Study: EE Reduce Contact Centre Attrition and Absence Levels

A photo of the ee contact centre team as part of a choir

EE’s contact centre in Merthyr Tydfil managed to reduce attrition and absence rates, while also increasing their Net Promoter Score (NPS), by introducing a choir engagement programme.

The Business Challenge

In the midst of the EE merger with BT there was a growing disconnect between the two main departments based on separate floors within their contact centre.

Leadership recognized that they needed something that could help them to unite the entire site in an engagement programme to restore pride and unity.

The Solution

Having previously had an inspire choir engagement programme run by us under the T-mobile brand at the time, the EE site leadership team decided they wanted to explore this programme again.

We launched a refreshed inspire choir engagement programme in February 2017 with the following aims:

  • To improve early attrition.
  • To boost morale and happiness levels ultimately getting that ‘feel good’ energy back on site
  • To help people feel comfortable with recent changes

The Results

With a 132-strong choir, the site has seen incredible results across their campaigns and consumer departments and the ripple effect has created a happy, motivating workplace for employees.

As a result of the inspire choir programme, EE’s NPS score has risen by 20%, while attrition and absence have been significantly reduced for those involved in the programme when compared with
the rest of the site.

The Operations Manager at EE Merthyr added: “It has made a huge difference. It is a significant contributor to the success of the Merthyr site and let me tell you EE Merthyr now has a wonderful reputation across the group (BT, EE, Plusnet) and that is due in large part to our partnership with Inspire Me.”

“They understand our business requirements but, more importantly, it’s all about our people and making sure they have a brilliant experience whilst they are here.”

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 2nd Sep 2019 - Last modified: 4th Sep 2019
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