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Confusion and uncertainty shouldn’t be a rite of passage in the contact centre quality assurance (QA) journey…  Though it often is.

With a noisy market and constantly evolving technology, figuring out what QA features your centre needs to thrive becomes a throbbing headache. We want to change that.

Welcome to Maturity. With our new interactive tool, you can quickly find out where you are on your QA journey, understand how EvaluAgent can help and get personalized advice from the experts on how to take your QA to the next level.

Get Clearer Insight, Take Better Steps

By asking a few simple (but important) questions, our Maturity tool lets you discover new insights and development opportunities within your unique QA process.

If you manage a contact centre, then you already know the power of feedback. The best centres are built on it – customers giving feedback, agents receiving feedback, and teams sharing feedback with each other.

Now you can get personalized feedback on your QA too, making it simpler than ever to understand where you are and what to do next.

The Only Tool of Its Kind!

In a matter of minutes, you can access a bank of recommendations, eGuides, product demos and a QA plan, all tailored to where you are in your journey.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or manage a comprehensive QA programme, you will receive a customized suite of insights that have helped other contact centres deliver superior customer experiences.

Let’s Take You on a Journey

For each stage of development, our Maturity tool helps you reflect on your challenges and potential blind spots and how you can turn them into solutions. By putting your processes and your priorities on the same page, progress is inevitable.

At EvaluAgent, we want your contact centre to thrive and your agents to flourish. This could be…

  1. Better customer experience
  2. Improved KPIs
  3. Cost savings
  4. Reduced risk
  5. Process efficiency
  6. Increased job satisfaction
  7. Lower agent turnover
  8. Better team morale

That’s why we’re always working on ways to help you uncover your contact centre’s potential and engage it.

This blog post has been re-published by kind permission of EvaluAgent

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Published On: 17th Feb 2022 - Last modified: 30th Sep 2022
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