The Future of Contact Centre Software and the Need for Speed

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Thomas John at Five9 explores the future of contact centre software and the need for speed.

‘I Feel the Need! The Need for Speed….’

If you’re picturing Maverick and Goose walking across the tarmac at the now-famous Top Gun Academy at US Naval Air Station Miramar, take a bow! I’m not talking (much) about Tony Scott’s 1986 all-time-classic movie today though.

I recently argued in a different blogpost that the COVID-19 situation sped-up Government and Public Sector adoption of Cloud Technologies in the UK.

Since writing that, it’s struck me that there’s a perfect storm of reasons why the secular tailwind from the Pandemic has accelerated the scale and rate of transformation for all sectors in virtually every single country.

Customers and the businesses that serve them are adapting to seismic changes and digital transformation initiatives have been expedited on both sides. It really is survival of the quickest.

“You’re Not Going to be Happy Unless You’re Going Mach 2 with Your Hair on Fire.”

Hybrid working appears to be a permanent feature of this new landscape, which in my mind at least, sounds the death-knell for the legacy and on-prem CX solutions that have provided the Technological backbone of the Customer Contact Centre for so long.

Companies now find themselves having to rapidly address quality of service, systems reliability and access, functionality, security and health and safety auditing of remote sites as Hybrid working becomes a permanent feature. At speed!

“Let’s Turn and Burn!”

Customer expectations have also sped into a new paradigm, increasingly embracing digital channels for certain interactions. For many, the isolation and pent-up desire for face-to-face interaction has led to a resurgence in ‘voice’ traffic for certain brand interactions.

As I was reading it myself it struck me that the organizations who can embrace conversational AI via a digital workforce the quickest, as well as fuse the customer touchpoints into one integrated journey, will prevail.

The ‘Top Guns’ of customer service are pushing the boundaries to Reimagine CX and their own internal business structures to provide the seamless interactions demanded by today’s consumer.

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Published On: 2nd Feb 2022
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