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Average Speed of Answer

I would like to know what parameters are required in calculation(with formula) of FTE if our Primary grade of Service is “Average Speed of Answer”.

My Monthly volume will be somewhere near to 130,000.
Benchmarck CHT is 365sec.
Expected ASA for Business is 50sec.
Abandon – 10%

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You need break down your volume into interval level and then use erlang tool..

There are other ways to do it as well .. that depends on expertize level in Erlang/Poisson methodology

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Average Speed of Answer

Try here: New Excel Based Erlang Calculator – with Maximum Occupancy

Just change the target answer time.

Just as a note, I *think* you mean increase the ASA by one minute

not decrease, speeding up always needs more staff.

let us know if you need anything else

With thanks to enormity

Average Speed of Answer (ASA)

ASA is referred to as an Average Speed of Answer (ASA) and Average Time to Answer (ATA). It is also defined as the average waiting time for a caller before he is answered by a service representative. It can also be expressed by the formula:-
ASA= Total Waiting time for callers (in secs.)
Total number of callers

It can be more clear from an example,
Let the number of callers in a day = 100
Total waiting time for all callers = 1 hour
Now put the values in the above formula,
ASA= 1*60*60/100
ASA= 36 secs.

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Average Speed of Answer

Average Speed of Answer is a metric for the average amount of time it takes for calls to be answered in a call center during specific time period.

A common formula for Average Speed of Answer is:

Average Speed of Answer = Total Waiting Time for Answered Calls/Total Number of Answered Calls

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Average Speed of Answer Calculation

This article provides a calculation What is Average Speed of Answer?

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