How can the public image of call centres be improved?


We asked our Twitter panel “How can the public image of call centres be improved?”.

Leon @tefleon


Empower the agent so they can resolve problems rather than asking a manager or special back-office department.


Emma Foskett @JacobsMummy17

If you say you will call a customer back PLEASE do it.

Adam Riley @adampeterriley


End the days of auto-diallers! They’re not good for customers, agents or managers. This would improve our image overnight.

MCCA @MBCustContact


Connect with local community partners that serve job seekers and deliver contact centre awareness sessions.

Carly Morgan @CarlyMorganCCL


Share real success stories of ultimate customer service & examples of how CCAs have a career path into management & more!

Malcolm @MalcolmLouth


Just deliver. Change perceptions one customer at a time.

Akhilesh Kapoor @akhileshkapoor


First and foremost, even today many people know them as Call Centres, this tag has to go away.

mplContact @mplContact


Promote inward investment, employee development, create & encourage customer feedback channels. Henry Ambrose – Team Leader.

Netcall @Netcall


Allow customers to opt out of the queue and offer to call them back when an agent is available #CallBack

James Lawther @SquawkPoint


Fix your business so customers don’t have to call you. A call centre is to help you not vent at.

mplContact @mplContact


Empower agents to make decisions, use customer-centric processes, listen to customers & offer services they want. Rob Peat

NewVoiceMedia @NewVoiceMedia


By offering an excellent, personalised #custexp every time. Don’t leave customers #onhold for ages & offer simple IVR menus.

Karen Wenborn @BearskinNy


Demonstrate career paths, invest (technology, training, people), promote best practice, industry qualifications, standards.

Ultra Communications @UltraComms


Set realistic, achievable performance and sales targets to banish the notion of the call centre ‘sweatshop’. #contactcentre

Netcall @Netcall


Voice, web or social media – offer your customers a choice in how they contact you #Multichannel

James Lawther @SquawkPoint


Stop outbound calling people selling products they don’t want and never asked for.

Karen Wenborn @BearskinNy


Run regular ‘Day in The Life’ stories from great Call Centres. Publish bios & career paths of industry leaders. Show careers & variety.

O2one France @O2oneFrance


Shine inside to be viewed from outside”, recruit A-players, effectively integrate new players, give development prospects.

Hussein Khafagy @sonbol81


First step is to check the weakness of contact centres then build a pyramid of solution and actions.

JABRA UK @JabraBusiness


Ensuring conversations aren’t overheard & background noise is minimal @CallCentre professionalism #PerceptionIsKey

Ultra Communications @UltraComms


Have a good understanding of your customer base and know the most convenient time to call #Ofcom #NuisanceCalls


Infinity CCS @InfinityCCS

Ask people if they’d rather queue up at the bank during their lunch time?

ISV Software Ltd @ISVSoftwareLtd

Don’t use recruitment techniques inspired by Nev from ‘The Call Centre’.

Mplsystems @mplSystems


“Give customers what they want: fast access to services; joined-up support across channels, & informed agents ready and keen to solve queries.”

Simon Beeching @SimonBTweet


Better payment card data security (PCI DSS) – Syntec’s research shows only 1% of people think phone payment to live call centre agents is the most secure.

Akhilesh Kapoor @akhileshkapoor


The agents should believe in helping the customers rather than showing empathy, Customer Satisfaction should be priority.

JABRA UK @JabraBusiness


Calm, polite, understanding & above all, helpful #CallCentre staff help dispel myths about unenthusiastic, untrained agents.

Rostrvm Solutions @rostrvm


Use technology to delight your customer. For example, if you transfer callers don’t make them re-tell their story.

How do you think the public image of contact centres could be improved? Tweet your answers (in less than 140 characters) to @jontypearce

Author: Megan Jones

Published On: 11th Sep 2013 - Last modified: 30th Nov 2023
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  • This is very interesting! It’s really important to hear (or in here, read) what the customers generally feel about call centers. I liked one of the tweets here that says ‘allow customers to opt out queue and offer to call back’ and it’s also has to go along with what Emma Foskett said – “If you say you will call a customer back, PLEASE do it.”

    Alleli 18 Sep at 04:33
  • “Use technology to delight your customer. For example, if you transfer callers don’t make them re-tell their story.” – I couldn’t agree more. There’s nothing more annoying than having to explain your situation all over again.

    Dan 11 Dec at 05:02