Inbound and Outbound


The split between inbound and outbound

There is a definite split in the call centre industry between inbound and outbound.

Only 4% of call centres are dedicated outbound centres, while 37% of call centres operate some form of combined outbound and inbound call handling.


However, when it comes to the number of agents, the numbers change quite dramatically. Only 12% of people employed in call centres carry out outbound calling.


There is also quite a difference between the split of agents between inbound and outbound. While the majority of employees in outbound call centres are women, the split is not as significant as in inbound call centres.

Age and gender profiles

In outbound call centres 56% are female and 44% male.


Outbound call centres employ more workers in the youngest (18-24) and oldest (aged 50-plus) age bands.

Call Blending

Some contact centres’ agents are not put into dedicated inbound or outbound groups. Instead they work in a combined inbound and outbound group using Call blending.

Further reading

  • Voice of the Contact Centre Agent report by YouGov based on an online survey of 946 call centre agents in May 2008.
  • Outbound Dialling Reference Guide Article on Call blending.


Leigh Hopwood of Sabio

Published On: 15th Mar 2010 - Last modified: 19th Sep 2019
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