injixo Sets Out New WFM Plans

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injixo introduces three new product plans: Essential WFM, Advanced WFM, and Enterprise WFM.

These Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) plans make injixo’s award-winning technology available and scalable for contact centres of all sizes.

injixo launches these plans with customers’ growth needs and scalability in focus.

We are continually developing injixo to meet the diverse needs of our users while having grown our customer base to well over 500 contact centres worldwide across various industry sectors,” says Peter Bollenbeck, CEO of InVision AG, the company behind injixo.

“That’s why we have adjusted our plans and pricing to more accurately reflect the value that customers are getting from the tool.

Lara Klinkenberg, Marketing Manager for injixo, further elaborates: “With our brand-new WFM plans, we reinforce our mission to make proven and powerful workforce management technology accessible, easy-to-use and affordable for every contact centre.

With their new three-tier WFM plans, injixo is providing tailored, scalable and powerful WFM solutions that comes along with cost transparency.

The Three New Product Plans

The new plans address the needs of entry-level, advanced and enterprise-level contact centres in a variety of industries.

1. Essential WFM

The entry-level plan has all the relevant features for contact centres that want to take their WFM to the next level.

These contact centres often come from a spreadsheet-based planning background and seek to professionalize and automate their WFM processes from start to finish.

2. Advanced WFM

The advanced plan has AI-based forecasting, extended scheduling capability, real-time management plus many more powerful functionalities tailored to meet the needs of more complex businesses.

It is addressing contact centres that are already familiar with WFM technology and aim to maximize their performance. 

3. Enterprise WFM

The enterprise plan includes custom WFM solutions for complex environments and larger contact centres.

It targets businesses with very specific requirements and sophisticated infrastructures to adapt WFM to fit their individual needs.

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For further details on injixo’s new WFM plans, visit their website.

This blog post has been re-published by kind permission of injixo – View the Original Article

For more information about injixo - visit the injixo Website

About injixo

injixo injixo is a product of InVision, a market leader in WFM for over 25 years. InVision built on its knowledge and experience to launch injixo as one of the first cloud workforce management (WFM) solutions for contact centers on the market back in 2011. And gaining the accolade of first to market with AI-based forecasting. Since then, the injixo user community has exploded. And will continue to innovate and push the boundaries of WFM.

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Published On: 6th Feb 2020 - Last modified: 11th Feb 2020
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