Introducing SmartView Custom Dashboards

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Introducing SmartView Custom Dashboards: Take Control of Your QA Data Like Never Before!

EvaluAgent have unveiled the latest addition to their QA and Improvement platform: SmartView Custom Dashboards.

With this feature, you can now take control of your QA data like never before, gaining deeper insights and making data-driven decisions with ease.

Why Did We Build SmartView Custom Dashboards?

At our core, we believe that data should be accessible and actionable for everyone within an organization. We understand that every business is unique, and data needs can vary widely between different departments, teams, and roles. Traditional dashboards, while useful, often fall short in addressing these diverse needs.

That’s where SmartView Custom Dashboards come into play. We’ve designed this feature with the aim of empowering you to create personalized, and visually compelling dashboards that cater specifically to the KPI’s and metrics that matter to you most.

Whether you’re a Team Leader, QA Analyst, Contact Center Director or Agent, SmartView Custom Dashboards is your key to unlocking the full potential of your data.

What Sets SmartView Custom Dashboards Apart?

Customize Your Dashboard, Your Way:

Bid farewell to scattered spreadsheets and reports. Our customizable dashboards bring all your QA and performance metrics together in one place, giving you complete visibility and simplifying your QA data. Save time and stay organized with SmartView.

Visualize Your Success:

With SmartView, you can transform complex data into meaningful visuals. Create multiple dashboards, each with a different focus.

Choose from a range of visual elements including trend, donut, comparison charts and more to build widgets and present your QA metrics in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format.

Simplify and Make Data-Driven Decisions Faster Than Ever Before:

SmartView enables users to select and display the metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), and other data points most relevant to their specific goals and objectives.

Users can make informed decisions quickly and confidently without being overwhelmed by unnecessary information. Say goodbye to manual data gathering and hello to actionable insights!

Optimize Resources for Maximum ROI:

Track, monitor, and identify areas of inefficiency and optimize your resources with SmartView. Our powerful dashboards make it easy to pinpoint opportunities for improvement, ultimately boosting your return on investment.

In our first release, we have included a robust set of metrics to kickstart your data analysis journey. But that’s not all – we are constantly working to enhance SmartView and provide you with even more powerful tools.

Coming Soon:

Expanded Metrics:

Get ready for a wider array of metrics to choose from. We’ll be adding more data points and key performance indicators (KPIs) to provide you with a comprehensive view of your business.

Advanced Functionality:

Our development team is hard at work to bring you added functionality to make your data analysis even smoother. Expect new features that will further streamline your workflow and boost your productivity.

Non-Platform Data Integration:

We understand that your data landscape extends beyond EvaluAgent. That’s why we are working hard developing SmartView even further so that you will soon be able to plug in non-platform data into SmartView. Create widgets based on your own data from external sources, gaining a complete and unified view of your business.

These updates are just the beginning of what’s to come with SmartView. Our goal is to continuously improve the platform, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your evolving data needs.

Join the SmartView Revolution Today!

Say goodbye to static, one-size-fits-all dashboards and embrace the power of SmartView Custom Dashboards.

Empower your team to explore data, discover trends, and make data-driven decisions like never before. With SmartView, data becomes more than just numbers; it becomes a strategic asset that propels your business forward.

If you’re already an EvaluAgent user, simply head straight to your usual dashboard, and you can start building your SmartView Dashboard right away!

For those who are new to EvaluaAgent, we invite you to explore our SmartView product tour. Discover how SmartView can transform complex data into meaningful visuals, and how our user-friendly interface simplifies data analysis.

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Published On: 29th Aug 2023
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