iQor Unveils Symphony [AI]

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iQor has unveiled Symphony [AI]TM, iQor’s generative AI ecosystem designed to transform and equip employees to deliver optimized CX.

This next-generation solution utilizes proprietary large language models (LLMs) to tap into iQor’s accumulated process knowledge, accessing decades of industry expertise and unique organizational insights to maximize employee performance.

“By leveraging our extensive reservoir of accumulated process knowledge, Symphony [AI] provides unparalleled insights to ensure our employees receive the best support and resources at every phase of their career journey,” stated iQor President and CEO Gary Praznik.

“Our generative AI experience blends our long-standing industry experience with cutting-edge technology to ensure a rewarding employee experience that enables great CX.”

The launch of Symphony [AI] signifies iQor’s ongoing innovation and forward-thinking solutions that address tangible, real-world opportunities in the customer experience BPO sector.

This AI ecosystem fosters an environment where technology and human expertise intersect, creating a synchronization of efficiency and growth that upholds iQor’s commitment to excellence.

Symphony [AI] optimizes frontline agent performance with real-time insights, responses, and solutions based on iQor’s vast accumulated process knowledge.

This knowledge is derived directly from iQor’s experiences—an aggregation of evolving insights, methodologies, and best practices honed over years of operations to deliver unparalleled advantage to clients.

Symphony [AI] will revolutionize three key areas of the employee lifecycle to cultivate empowered employees that deliver a more streamlined customer experience contributing to client competitiveness in the marketplace.

Optimized Talent Acquisition for Client Success:

Symphony [AI] optimizes talent acquisition, ensuring client partners benefit from expertly matched frontline employees tailored to meet the needs of their CX programs. The synergy of advanced technology and iQor’s recruitment mastery elevates program outcomes at scale.

Empowered Agents Ready From Day One:

Harnessing Symphony [AI], iQor’s training, nesting, and development ensures frontline agents are well-prepared and knowledgeable from the outset. iQor’s commitment to employee development and excellence results in a consistent, high-quality customer service experience.

Excellence in Service and Compliance:

Through Symphony [AI], iQor enhances employee performance and compliance while prioritizing well-being and promoting retention. The result is a highly motivated, compliant, and efficient team committed to delivering irresistible CX.

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 11th Oct 2023
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