Koopid Teams Up With Vonage

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Koopid has chosen Vonage to grow its customer base and enhance customer experience at a time when customer experience is more important than ever.

Koopid, an AI-powered self-service customer experience platform, designed to enable seamless self-service customer journeys, will use Vonage to integrate voice chat, SMS, video and social messaging apps for a unified and streamlined agent and customer experience across any channel the customer prefers.

Additionally, Vonage will empower Koopid’s digital and voice agents to optimize resources and improve management of its key performance indicators (KPIs).

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Omar Javaid

“Like Vonage, Koopid is committed to creating seamless customer journeys, and interacting with the customer no matter where or how they choose to connect – for the ultimate customer experience,” said Omar Javaid, President, API Platform Group for Vonage.

“With so many working remotely and connecting virtually during the global health crisis, this personalized interaction is more meaningful than ever.”

“We are helping Koopid to provide enhanced experiences for agents and customers alike as they continue to expand and scale their business and deliver on their promise of an exceptional customer experience.”

The Vonage Communications Services Platform will allow Koopid to build innovative communication experiences directly into their existing applications.

By making communications more flexible, intelligent and personal, Vonage will enable Koopid to innovate their customer experience in ways that are critical to their success quickly, simply, at a low cost and at scale.

With Vonage’s omnichannel capabilities, Koopid’s agents will provide a better experience for the callers through real-time sentiment analysis, which offers insight into caller emotions, enabling better decision-making, customer support and outcomes.

Also, self-service capabilities like chatbots or visual IVRs, will provide quick and seamless resolutions to customer queries using tools like traditional voice or embedded interactions in mobile apps and websites – all without the need to switch to a third-party solution or toggle between applications.

“At Koopid, we are all about customer experience. When the time came to select a trusted partner, we needed a company that had the right technology to help us scale,” said Venky Krishnaswamy, Koopid CEO.

“Vonage owns its own technology stack, and easily integrates with business-critical communications platforms. This, along with its focus on providing emotive, seamless customer experience, has been a great fit for our long-term needs.”

For more information about Vonage, please visit www.vonage.com

For more information about Koopid, please visit www.koopid.ai

Author: Jo Robinson

Published On: 26th Jun 2020 - Last modified: 30th Jun 2020
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