Congratulations to Our LISTEN 2021 Award Winners!

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We recently wrapped our LISTEN 2021 annual customer conference – and while we were virtual for the second year in a row, it was no less successful or exciting.

CallMiner executives and experts shared insights into our roadmap and products, and some of our amazing CallMiner customer and partners presented on how they’re driving value from the platform and best practices for how others can do the same.

For the event’s grand finale, we had the honour of announcing nine LISTEN 2021 Award winners. All of our customers and partners are incredible, but our 2021 winners stood out for going above and beyond in the past year with their use of CallMiner to drive results and business-wide improvement. This year, we had seven LISTEN 2021 Analyst Award winners, as well as Top Partner and Top Customer of the Year winners.

Without further ado…

LISTEN 2021 Analyst Award Winners

This award recognized the CallMiner champions that work tirelessly, day in and day out, to deliver value across their organizations. These individual awards winners were nominated by the CallMiner team, as well as their peers.

Pulkit Jain, Assistant Vice President Business Analytics, Radius Global Solutions: CallMiner’s Arlen Perry works closely with Pulkit, and of Pulkit’s accomplishments in the past year, Arlen said:

“As a sophisticated user of various programming languages Pulkit is a master at extracting and combining data sets to make it easier for users to uncover actionable insights. He created a dashboard to measure initiatives with immediate impacts realized, such as insights into COVID impact on consumer income and employment to aid collections activities. Pulkit brings an impressive track record of ROI achievement in the millions of dollars from his years at Midland Credit Management. He is building a framework for ROI achievement at Radius around collections effectiveness.”

Luke Schulta, Systems Administrator, Gant Travel: Luke was recognized by his colleague Jim Conner, who said:

“Luke is able to take ‘wouldn’t it be great if…’ ideas and make them a reality. He works closely with our two CallMiner analysts to make the vision come to life and become something better than we originally anticipated. Luke consistently attends CallMiner webinars and events, shares outcomes with leadership, and works very closely with many members of the CallMiner team.”

Erwin Linga, Analyst, Gant Travel: LISTEN 2021 Analyst Award winner Luke Schulta nominated his colleague, Erwin, for the following reasons:

“Erwin moved from a travel agent role at Gant into a CallMiner analyst role because of his strong work ethic and attention to detail. This was a huge undertaking, in which he immediately excelled. Gant now counts on Erwin’s expertise within his analyst role as well as his travel agent knowledge to continuously improve our speech analytics platform with initiatives set by Gant’s executive team.”

Alice Edmonson, Senior Quality Manager, Kaplan North America: Of Alice’s accomplishments, John “JJ” Jacobson, Kaplan North America, said:

“Alice led the implementation of the transition from a human-based call monitoring system to CallMiner. The switch halved the annual expenses associated with this process. She took responsibility for the entire project and worked with KNA internal partners to make the transition as smooth as possible.”

Ashley Holley, Quality Assurance Director, American First Finance: Ashley’s colleague, Nada Kassem, explained why she deserved the award by saying:

“Ashley is not only a leader at AFF, but also a Call Miner Super User. She trains other CM users and has been a presenter at the Listen Conference two years in a row.”

Samir Dey, Quality Manager, Teleperformance: “All Teleperformance’s categories/scores/syntaxes were less than 50% accurate when a telecom project was transferred. The client was on the verge of taking the business from us. Within a year, the accuracy of all categories/scores reached above threshold and the client was sustained. This was a major achievement for Samir. The client is still doing business with us and it’s been more than two years now, and our relationship is getting stronger every day.”

Carlos Ayala, Speech Analyst, RDI Corporation: Stacy Dye, SVP/GM Quantitative Insights at RDI, said of Carlos:

“In addition to the quantifiable achievements that Carlos has brought to RDI over the past year, he is a great person to have on our team. His positive attitude and sunny disposition make him a pleasure to work with.”

Top Partner of the Year: Sitel Group

Sitel was nominated as a valued, long-time partner of CallMiner. During and through the pandemic, Sitel focused on growing their global footprint, while utilizing the CallMiner platform to provide analysis and ROI across industries, verticals and use cases, including customer experience, Voice of the Employee, Voice of the Customer and sales, just to name a few.

Sitel is committed to collaborating, challenging, innovating and investing in our partnership together. Through regular touch bases and strategy sessions, we work together in a true partnership, focused on doing what’s best for their customers, as well as both Sitel’s and CallMiner’s corporate goals.

For example, we’ve had continued innovation and collaboration between CallMiner’s product team and Cris Kuehl, Sitel’s Global Head of Analytics & Insights, to drive improvements to the current platform, while also advancing roadmap initiatives.

Top Customer of the Year: Lyft

Lyft was nominated for both its traditional and non-traditional uses of the CallMiner platform, both in the contact centre and across the business. The team managing the implementation built out great content for long-term success, as well as did an incredible job socializing the nuances and benefits of conversation analytics and enabling stakeholders to leverage CallMiner for continuous improvement.

Lyft performance against the headwinds of a global pandemic has been inspiring – throughout it all, their team has stayed committed to creating “a community that puts people first. Where everyone is treated with equal respect and mutual kindness.”

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