NICE Named a Leader in 2021 SPARK MatrixTM

Named a Leader
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NICE has been recognised as a Technology Leader in the 2021 SPARK MatrixTM for Voice of the Customer (VoC) Platform report.

The Quadrant Knowledge Solution report, which provides market insights, competitive evaluation, and rankings for 17 vendors, gave NICE Voice of the Customer strong ratings for both parameters, technology excellence and customer impact.

The report acknowledged NICE VoC’s ability to instantly act on customer feedback to drive better customer engagement and noted NICE real-time agent guidance powered by NICE Enlighten AI.
Citing numerous strengths, the Quadrant Knowledge Solutions report stated,

“NICE VoC platform’s key technology differentiators include customer journey-based design, real-time actions, robust analytics capabilities, a one-stop-shop VoC solution, and a holistic and unified solution.

NICE VoC platform’s ability to support real-time actions helps organisations instantly act on the feedback from customers to drive better customer engagement.

The platform leverages NICE Enlighten AI Agent Behavioral Models to offer real-time agent coaching and real-time agent guidance.” The report also highlighted NICE VoC’s ability to meet contact centre needs, as well as those across the enterprise.

“NICE leverages its enterprise ready VoC platform and robust contact centre capabilities to serve the requirements of organisations of all sizes and all tiers of the market.”

According to Priyanka Panhale, Analyst Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, “NICE helps organisations design compelling marketing initiatives, drive product innovation, and increase customer satisfaction with its approach towards offering a holistic and unified understanding of customer’s feedback across their journey.

The VOC platform’s ability to support real-time actions helps organisations instantly act on the feedback from customers to drive better customer engagement.

It eliminates the data silos across organisations’ product lines and helps organisations employ valuable analytics for improving their product and service delivery.

The company’s ability to serve the requirements of organisations of all sizes and all tiers of the market with its VoC platform and robust contact centre capabilities, comprehensive technology roadmap and vision, sophisticated technology platform, and robust AI capabilities, has received strong ratings across the parameters of technology excellence and customer impact, and has been positioned as the technology leader.”

“Customers expect organisations to act on their feedback in real-time and provide effortless experiences across their entire journey. It is our goal to help businesses instantly act on structured and unstructured feedback to deliver proactive, contextual, and digitally-fluent experiences,” commented Barry Cooper, President, NICE Workforce and Customer Experience Group.

“We are committed to Voice of the Customer innovations that power automated closed-loop actions and real-time agent guidance that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

NICE Voice of the Customer powers enterprises to combine and analyse millions of customer interactions, solicited feedback, and operational data to uncover blind spots, increase customer satisfaction, and improve agent performance.

A world-leading Voice of the Customer solution for organisations that rely on the strategic value of the contact centre, NICE Voice of the Customer enables companies of all sizes across the globe to act on feedback and transform the customer experience at scale.

A holistic solution unified with CXone and the NICE portfolio, NICE Voice of the Customer delivers superior analytics to operationalise feedback on the frontline and across the comprehensive customer journey.

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NICE NICE is a leading global enterprise software provider that enables organizations to improve customer experience and business results, ensure compliance and fight financial crime. Their mission is to help customers build and strengthen their reputation by uncovering customer insight, predicting human intent and taking the right action to improve their business.

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Published On: 17th Dec 2021
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