Odigo Unleashes the Power of AI for Exceptional CX Journeys

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Odigo has announced the launch of its AI Orchestrator offering to help UK businesses deliver a more personalised and efficient customer experience.

AI is being deployed in all areas of customer relationship management. Several AI engines, including generative AI, are used at the various stages of a customer journey. Such as:

  • Precisely assessing customer needs and reasons for contact to direct requests to the most competent agents,
  • Automating simple tasks and suggesting tailor-made scenarios,
  • Collecting contextual details during qualification to provide agents relevant information in real time and finely personalise responses,
  • Creating a conversation summary to standardise call reports and reduce wrap-up time for advisers.

The value of Odigo AI Orchestrator lies in its ability to orchestrate AI engines at each stage of a customer interaction – across all contact channels: voice, email, chat, instant messaging – to deliver a personalised and efficient experience. They no longer operate in isolation but are orchestrated to reflect the operational demands of each organisation

The solution empowers administrators and supervisors to activate and modify AI tools as needed. Specifically, this enables them to monitor and supervise the conversational scenarios of their omnichannel bots more easily, quickly and effectively.

Odigo AI Orchestrator also connects to enterprise Data sources to enhance personalisation. And finally, supervisors can continuously develop bots to evolve alongside their business as customer relationship models and products/services change.

Nicolas Marcoin Product Marketing Manager from Odigo comments:

Odigo AI Orchestrator optimises customer journeys with a comprehensive approach integrating AI. Focused on personalised conversational scenarios, tool connection, continuous monitoring and advisor augmentation, it is a global solution with a rapid return on investments for contact centres.

The orchestrator solution can reduce qualification time by up to 50 seconds per call and accelerate resolution, streamlining customer journeys through more efficient use of AI. The result is a decease by a third of the customer contacts.

Odigo’s long term objective with AI Orchestrator is to help contact centres Make the Most of Artificial Intelligence, focusing on three areas:

  • Automate processes and qualification, across all channels,
  • Augment advisers, through technology with a rapid ROI,
  • Accompany customers, teams and the transformation of the company.
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Published On: 4th Apr 2024 - Last modified: 10th Apr 2024
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