Recorded Webinar: How To Turn Around A Poor Customer Experience


Emotive customer experiences are costing companies a lot of money. They cause all sorts of problems and lead to customers to switching suppliers.

In this webinar we look at how to turn around a poor customer experience and improve the level of customer service that we provide to our customers. We also look at how to build the business case to improve customer service.

Topics Discussed

  • Emotive customer service
  • The cost of poor customer service
  • The latest research on customer experiences
  • The types of experiences that drive customers away
  • What businesses can do to keep customers from leaving
  • The impact that providing more positive service experiences has on customer relationships
  • The role of technology
  • Top tips from the audience


Martin Hill-Wilson - Headshot
Martin Hill-Wilson
Brainfood Extra

Chris Haggis - Headshot
Chris Haggis

Rachael Trickey - Headshot
Rachael Trickey
Call Centre Helper

Published On: 13th Mar 2018 - Last modified: 28th Feb 2023
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