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Outbound RPC%

We have seen a significant drop in RPC’s as a % of contacts circa 10% between January of this year and January 2010. We had also seen a drop in 2010 compared to 2009 although not as much.

We’ve looked at all our dialling parameters,best time to contact and mirrored those of previous years and replicated everything of the past but still not achieving what we were. We’ve been down every avenue with this and can’t explained. I wondered if other call centres have seen this trend and if so what is the cause.

Question asked by Dan

What is RPC – Right Party Contact

RPC stands for Right Party Contact.  In an outbound calling environment it details when you have reached the person that you have been trying to call and not an answer machine, recorded message, a family member, secretary or work colleague.

It is often give as either a percentage of calls dialled, or as the number of Right party Contacts per Hour or Day


You say the best time to contact hasn’t changed from year to year, how do you know it hasn’t changed for your customers?

In my experience, when results change it’s because other things have too but we ultimately continue with our “knowledge” that we are doing things right.

If nothing simple stands out, I’d start from scratch & challenge all conceptions!!

With thanks to Paul

Connects and RPC’s

Has your total number of connections gone down?

We’ve found a reduction in right party contacts due to new OFCOM legislation and the restriction on recall times.

With thanks to Joanne

RPC Responsibility

I would like assist in understanding who is responsible for RPC in a collections environment is it ( campaigns planners or the Dialler tech’s

With thanks to Kapish


I would like to know is a Schedule a RPC (Right Party Connect) in the Telesales environment?

With thanks to Lemiez

It’s Not An Easy Subject to Schedule

It’s not an easy subject to schedule, because it all depends upon hitting people at the best time when they are in.

This may help you identify the best time to make an outbound call and hence the number of Right Party Contacts. When is the Best Time to Make an Outbound Call?

With thanks to Jonty

Author: Jonty Pearce

Published On: 12th Apr 2022 - Last modified: 12th Aug 2022
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