Playvox and Freshworks Partner to Revolutionize Workforce Management

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Playvox has officially announced its new workforce management software (WFM) integration to Freshworks Customer Service Applications via an app on the Freshworks Marketplace.

The AI-powered app will help businesses better manage their agent schedules in an omnichannel set-up, forecast support workloads across channels, and plan short-term schedules and long-term resource requirements.

By integrating Playvox WFM with Freshworks’ customer service solutions, businesses can deliver a seamless experience to their employees and fine-tune resourcing to effectively engage customers on the channel of their choice, all by leveraging AI-driven and automated solutions to manage operational efficiency.

“The partnership between Playvox and Freshworks will help us to continue to deliver intuitive, scalable, and cost-effective solutions to customers looking to better manage their workforce,” said Daniel Pagel, Chief Executive Officer, Playvox.

“We offer best-of-breed, seamless integrated WFM and CX software solutions for businesses to smartly manage their workforce while improving customer experience.”

With the Playvox integration with Freshworks’ customer service suite, businesses will now be able to:

  • Forecast: Leverage AI to forecast agent workloads across channels
  • Plan: Carry out capacity planning to smartly manage short-term schedules during spikes in demand for support and understand long-term resource planning
  • Auto-manage workforce: Smart scheduling allows the system to automatically assign agents to shifts and manage staff changes based on incoming workloads
  • Report: Drill down into real-time data with the help of AI to derive insights into key measures and measure workforce performance, experience and engagement

“The integration with Playvox helps Freshworks’ customers forecast, plan, and manage their workforce schedules more effectively and helps their employees create better experiences for their customers.

“Freshworks’ products are designed to help businesses deliver a better customer experience while enhancing agent productivity, and this integration furthers that cause,” said Prakash Ramamurthy, Chief Product Officer at Freshworks.

“With the integration between Freshworks and Playvox, our WFM system has made it seamless to pass information required to support real-time adherence, scheduling, and forecasting.

“This allowed us to replace our legacy method of extracting data manually every day, which is helping us save time and effort by our WFM team,” said George Dimopoulos, Senior Analyst at British Columbia Lottery Corporation, an organization that currently benefits from the app.

“Having an app on the Freshworks Marketplace helped us do away with developing our own app, saving time, resources and budget,” said Jared Givens, Manager, CSC Operational Support at British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

“It was easy to set up and get running. We are already seeing efficiencies associated with workplace management and planning.”

Author: Playvox

Published On: 24th Apr 2024 - Last modified: 30th Apr 2024
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