Puzzel Ramps up Outbound Dialler Functionality

Puzzel has announced new functionality in the latest release of its multichannel cloud-based contact centre solution.

Designed to improve the customer experience, the solution’s new outbound dialling and call rescheduling features enable agents to manage customer interactions and support real-time communications more efficiently.

The added functionality allows easier importing of customer details from CRM and other systems, via a new API, providing improved management of customer contacts and call outcomes.

Christian Thorsrud, Product Manager at Puzzel, explained: “Companies today are investing in the latest contact centre solutions to manage customer interaction across all communications channels, both inbound and outbound.

Christian Thorsrud

Christian Thorsrud

“We have introduced the latest enhancements to Puzzel to help agents deliver the best customer experience, making sure that they have the most up-to-date customer details and preferences before they make or take that all-important call.

“Successful companies are those that can offer a truly omnichannel experience and effectively manage the customer journey. By ensuring that each customer interaction from any channel is made, answered, recorded and acted upon efficiently, organisations can provide the seamless levels of service that customers expect.”

The Key Features of the Latest Version of Puzzel Include:

Additional Outbound Dialler Functionality to Schedule Calls

If customers do not have time to take or finish a call, agents can arrange a future outgoing call at an agreed time with the new dialler functionality.

Customers can also request callbacks online, specifying both a day and time for the call. Then, at the scheduled time, the same agent is called as soon as they are available, and on answering, the destination number is called. No calls slip through the cracks because should the agent not answer, the call is passed to a colleague.

This rescheduling functionality is also available outside of the dialler, within the main contact centre application.

New API for Easy Integration of Data

The new release incorporates an updated application programming interface (API) providing more flexibility and enabling data to be easily imported from CRM solutions, databases and campaign management systems.

In addition, administrators now have the ability to add, delete or edit customer contact details on imported lists. This means that external lists do not have to be de-duplicated prior to import – saving time and ensuring that the latest customer data is always used.

Enhanced Reporting

Administrators can easily generate historical statistics from the system, collating data from an agent’s user group for each particular day, rather than the agent’s current user group. This helps to ensure continuity of follow-up calls, improving the overall customer experience.

The latest release is now available. For more information on Puzzel, its complete solutions portfolio and the latest release, visit: www.puzzel.com

Published On: 20th Oct 2017 - Last modified: 24th Oct 2017
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