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Snakes and Ladders Call Centre Game Template

We were recently asked if we knew of any companies who provided an interactive Snakes & Ladders game.  We could not easily find anyone so we decided to create our own version in PowerPoint.

Snakes and Ladders is a great way to keep up call centre morale.

Every time someone in the team meets winning criteria, e.g. a good quality score, receives a letter from a satisfied customer or wins the daily sales competition, that team takes control of the Snakes and Ladders board.

You could award a prize to the first team to reach square 100!

Snakes and Ladders Game

Click here to download the Snakes and Ladders PowerPoint template

Published On: 8th Jun 2011 - Last modified: 10th Sep 2018
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1 Comment
  1. I love this game, and will be using it straight away with my team. More things like this would be great, and will help to make my life as a Manager of a pressurised Call Centre much happier!

    Linda King 9 Jun at 10:57 am
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