Solution engages web visitors for improved customer service


Genesys Proactive Engagement has just been launched, a new offering that increases web sales and first contact resolution for customer service.

With Genesys Proactive Engagement, companies can now combine real-time behavioural analytics with historical customer interaction and transaction data to determine the right time to engage web visitors over the right channel with the right person.

Proactive assistance at the right time is often the difference between a sale and an abandoned shopping cart. According to Forrester Research, abandoned web shopping carts will represent an estimated $115 billion in lost revenue for US companies this year alone.

In the customer support scenario, behavioural analytics and customer history gives companies the necessary context to most efficiently serve the customer, a critical step in providing first contact resolution. Consumers continue to cite repeating information as one of the leading sources of frustration when dealing with contact centres. This is due to the lack of visibility into customer behaviour as customers move between interaction channels.

The solution identifies the precise moment to invite the visitor to engage over a channel determined to be most appropriate for that visitor and situation. It then connects the visitor to the most appropriate agent available at that time, who is informed with customer context to provide the best possible help. The result is a more personalised interaction, which improves the customer experience and increases conversion rates.

“Genesys Proactive Engagement provides engagement through any channel including voice, SMS, email, Web RTC and web forms, while leveraging contextual behaviour from the web and interaction history across all channels. This powerful combination delivers a new level of customer engagement not possible until now,” said Paul Segre, President and CEO, Genesys.

Published On: 22nd May 2013 - Last modified: 22nd Mar 2017
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