Team Building Game – Through the Key Hole


Here is a fun game to help your agents get to know each other better.

The ‘Through the Key Hole’ game requires each agent to bring in photos of their home – in secret. Their colleagues then have to guess which house belongs to which person.

How to play

Step 1 – Agents bring in photos of their home

Ask each agent to bring in 3 photos of their home, specifically –

  • The front door
  • The kitchen
  • One other room in their house

Agents should also be encouraged to place clues in their photos. For example, a dog lover may make sure that their dogs’ bowls are visible in the photo of their kitchen. Or a football enthusiast could make sure footballs are visible in the garden through their lounge window.

Step 2 – Pin the photos up on a notice board

Ask a designated team leader – not taking part in the competition – to assign each trio of photographs a letter or number. They can then display the photos anonymously on a notice board in the break-out room or on the contact centre floor.

Step 3 – Agents guess who the houses belong to


Give every agent (or team) a quiz sheet listing all the letters or numbers attributed to the photos – and ask them to write a name next to each one.

Set a deadline, pick out a prize and let the fun begin!

(If you wanted to make it slightly easier, you could display the names of everyone taking part in the game in a list beside the photos.)

With thanks to the Siniat contact centre in Bristol

Have you played this game before? Will you be trying it in your contact centre?

Author: Rachael Trickey
Reviewed by: Megan Jones

Published On: 26th Aug 2015 - Last modified: 6th Apr 2024
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  • Thanks for sharing. Game sounds cool =))

    Jaeden 27 Aug at 10:35
  • I think this would be a fun game to try. Great idea , thanks for sharing.

    Stephanie 27 Aug at 17:02