The Best Method for Calculating PCA%

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The Best Method for Calculating PCA%

Hi Hope someone can help me please!

I am working with a phone system and the reporting can be slightly confusing. Can I clarify that the most accurate method of calculating your PCA% result is calls answered against calls offered (and not presented) ?

Question asked by Neil

Answer for the Best Method for Calculating PCA%-

Hi, PCA is calculated by dividing calls answered by calls offered.

What are you referring to as calls presented?

With thanks to James

Answer for the Best Method for Calculating PCA%-

I am presuming that PCA means Percentage of Calls Answered.    The flip side of this is the abandon rate.

There is a very comprehensive article here on how to do it.

With thanks to Jonty

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Published On: 12th Apr 2022 - Last modified: 12th Jun 2024
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