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8×8 has announced that Thinktank Group has deployed the 8×8 cloud contact centre and unified communications platform to differentiate its multiple white label brands and enhance customer experience within its contact centre.

Thinktank Group is a leading Australian-based property lending specialist that has provided over $9 billion in lending solutions.

Operating a unique business model consisting of 6 white label organizations within the larger umbrella group, the company has seen significant success, growing from 75 to almost 250 employees between 2020 and 2023.

Using a single phone line for general support of all their white label organizations often led to confusion when customers called and didn’t recognize the larger Thinktank Group name.

The company needed dedicated phone lines, branding, and processes for each of its white label organizations to deliver a better customer experience.

By using 8×8, Thinktank Group created distinct toll-free phone lines for each of its white label organizations, which includes different branding and customized interactive voice responses (IVR) and call routing queues for each.

This has helped the company enhance customer experiences across its many white label organizations, reduce its abandoned call rate, and increase first-call resolution rates, while establishing a Grade of Service level consistently above 85%.

In addition, by engaging the support of 8×8 Professional Services to create a unique solution for each white label organization, Thinktank Group now gets detailed analytics and reporting on each brand’s performance, and can see with greater accuracy distinct metrics and data for each: who is calling, which white label they’re calling, and why.

“Our customers call looking for detailed financial information, and as Australia’s leading commercial property funding specialist it’s important to us that we provide superior customer service experiences,” said Andrew Brown, Chief Operations Officer at Thinktank Group.

“By using 8×8, we’re able to integrate communications across our organization while smoothly differentiating the channels that are customer-facing. Not only does this help each individual white label organization improve their own customer services, the data from each one helps feed into our success at the group level too.”

“Thinktank Group’s growth is a testament to the group’s expertise and status as Australia’s leading provider of lending solutions for individuals and businesses, but with that comes the need to offer differentiated support from a single communications platform,” said Hunter Middleton, Chief Product Officer at 8×8, Inc.

“With 8×8, not only does Thinktank Group get distinct IVR and call routing options for each of its white label organizations, but it also gets a dedicated point of contact to help them create tailored contact centre and unified communications services in the future. As the organization continues to grow, this will further support its successful white label business model.

At 8×8, we’re proud of the results delivered so far, and are looking forward to supporting Thinktank Group with the rollout of more customization and greater personalization in the future.”

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Published On: 3rd May 2024
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