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Recorded Webinar: 7 Ways to Emotionally Engage With Your Customers

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Over 50% of a Customers Experience, is driven by how the Customer feels. Harnessing the use of Customer Emotions is key to driving successful outcomes.

In this webinar we looked at how to identify and use Customer Emotions to your advantage. This will lead to an improved customer experience, higher customer satisfaction and an improvement in employee engagement.


  • Introductions – Rachael Boynton, Call Centre Helper
  • Colin Shaw, Beyond Philosophy
Webinar Slides: 7 ways to emotionally engage with customers by Colin Shaw

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  • Fabrice Martin, Clarabridge
Webinar Slides: 7 ways to emotionally engage with customers- Fabrice Martin

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Topics to be discussed

  • Harnessing Customer Emotions
  • What does an Emotionally Responsive Contact Centre Look Like?
  • How to measure Customer Emotions
  • How to get your Advisors to be more Emotionally Intelligent
  • Using Emotions to drive Outcomes
  • Reducing Customer Effort
  • The Use of Technology
  • Emotion Detection
  • Customer Analytics
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Voice of the Customer Feedback
  • Top Tips from the audience
  • Winning tip – “How we phrase scripts can translate to the customer as ‘we don’t care’. It’s a fine line but empathy is so important from the agent. They have to think (quickly!) what might be the customer’s circumstances – how must they feel, and then empowered to adapt the foundation of the script to deliver the information in an empathetic way” thanks to Susannah1

Original Webinar date: January 2019


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This webinar was brought to you by Call Centre Helper and is sponsored by Clarabridge.

Click here to view the replay.

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