What Do You Call Your “Quality Assurance” Team?

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What Do You Call Your “Quality Assurance” Team?

Looking to reinvent or rebrand the QA team here, and since we do so much more than just evaluate (we focus on the low performers in KPIs and Customer Sat Surveys, while the Supervisors take care of the routine checks on everyone)

We will be adding Speech Analytics and do a lot of target edevaluations and root cause analysis.

Thought and suggestions greatly appreciated. We have a couple such as: Customer Experience Representative or Customer Loyalty Representative.

Question asked by Mike

How About Quality Central

How about Quality Central?

We have also had a couple of discussions on what to call the Quality or WFM teams

With thanks to Jonty

Moving From Quality Team to Coaching Team

We discussed this on today’s webinar. One of the discussions was about changing the focus from Quality (often a box ticking exercise) to Coaching, which is all about changing behaviours.

So perhaps a new name would be “The Coaching team”.

With thanks to Jonty

How About I-Quality

One of our readers Colleen said – We call our QA “i-Quality”, pointing to the fact that it’s “my” responsibility, “I” am in control and drive the outcome and the overall outcome is based on how “I” perform. It’s all about realising that my efforts and performance make a difference to the performance of the team as a whole. It gives the idea that everyone gets involved in the success of the organisation.

With thanks to Jonty

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Published On: 12th Apr 2022 - Last modified: 21st Sep 2022
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