Alternate Department Name for WFM

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Alternate Department Name for WFM

I am in a complicated situation here and request you all to help me out,

We have a WFM Team for our Tech Support business of the organization; now at organization level, management has come up with a centralized resource management team and they have named it WFM.

As the department name clashes, I have been asked to come with an alternate name for our existing WFM Team of Tech Support business. Hence looking for some suggestions for our Department Name that can be an alternate to WFM.

Question asked by pradeep4pm


WFMtech !!

With thanks to nicholson


Thanks for your reply, however the complicated part itself is that I should not use the word “workforce”…

With thanks to pradeep4pm


By using abbreviations you are not using the word Pradeep

Just an idea , If anyone else has any ideas just jump in !!

With thanks to nicholson

Planning Team

How about the Planning Team?

With thanks to Jonty

Command Center

Yes, I thought of Planning, however scheduling, realtime management and MIS will not be covered under this.

RROC (Reporting and Resource optimization center) is also an option, what do you say about this?

Our company is suggesting “Command Center”.

With thanks to pradeep4pm

Why Not Think Out of the Box

Prashanth here, Command Center / Capacity Planning is the alternate names often used in this industry,

Why not think out of the box, mean being more innovative on this ground for naming convention though it requires more time do Brainstorm…..Are you ok with it?

With thanks to prash4141

Traffic Team

One of the places I worked, we called the team the Traffic team, it just seemed to symbolise the non stop workloads LOL

With thanks to pennyd

Mission Control

We have a centeralized WFM department which has different specialised groups in it. For real time job we have Command Center, for schedule and forecasting we have RPM ( Resource Planning and Management) similarly we have the Capacity Team.

One of our client uses the name Mission Control for there WFM team.

With thanks to Nikhil770

Resource Optimization Center

How About ” Resource Optimization Center” [ROC] or Center Of Excellence Management [CEM]

Innovative yet more relevant to the department.

With thanks to prash4141

Resource Optimisation

Resource Optimisation is popular I believe!

With thanks to dolmana

Operation Control.

We use Operation Control.

With thanks to KrisUK

Other Team Names

Slightly off topic but these other names are interesting

With thanks to Jonty

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