What Is AI Microlearning?

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In a nutshell, AI microlearning is the ability to create microlearning content in just a few seconds by using the power of generative AI.

Part one of microlearning is the creation of fresh, timely, relevant learning content. While this can be done in a sustainable, scalable way, it does require some bandwidth.

And often, there are immediate content-creation asks; for example, teams might need to quickly create training around regulatory changes or a new company policy or process.

Teams might not have the bandwidth or agility to fully understand the new information, let alone jump in right away to create a new piece of content, and that can delay communication, and in turn, proficiency, and performance.

Another example of the need to create critical new training materials revolves around BPOs. For instance, a BPO might receive new information from a client that they will quickly need to share with agents.

Considering the number of clients a BPO might have, and how large those clients might be, there may be a steady stream of mission-critical information that must be communicated, and that agents must learn as fast as possible.

While team huddles and other methods are a good way to communicate, microlearning adds another layer of validation to ensure new information is understood.

With AI microlearning, learning and development teams and anyone else in an organization can create micro-content summaries and knowledge-check quizzes in just a few seconds.

Need to create a new learning module on a product update for sales and support teams? 3, 2, 1 …done! Does a customer service team need to work on their soft skills? Putting together a best-practices guide and quiz can be completed in the blink of an eye.

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Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 22nd Jun 2023
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