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call centre abbreviations


Here is a list of abbreviations that can be used for speed-typing notes into the customer system. It can be a great method to help your advisors to shorten wrap time, which is an important time period for call centre advisors to complete after-call work (ACW).

ACW includes duties such as updating the contact centre system with the previous caller’s resolution, reporting their next steps and ordering any relevant notes and details.

For more call centre terms, have a look at Contact Centre Jargon and Terminologies.

These abbreviations include acronyms, short code and shorthand replacements for commonly used words and phrases in the call centre.

For example, CUST = Customer would make an ideal shorthand replacement as you have reduced the length of the word. Another would be RCVD = Received, which highlights how you can instead simply remove the vowels from any given word or phrase.

Acronyms, including CTI = Customer Telephoned In, are also useful to shorten phrases by initialising them, as well as short codes such as ~ = approximately, which replace their word equivalents.

We have compiled a list of 541 of contact centre abbreviations, which is available to download in Excel format. But we have also devised a shortened list, based on commonly used abbreviations that you should seriously consider implementing in your call centre.

These are the most common 100 call centre abbreviations:

Abbreviation Term
@ At
~ Approximately
+ Plus, or it could mean also
< Less or smaller than/less important than
= Equals
> Greater or more than/more important than
ADMIN Administration
AGRMT Agreement
AOF Address on File
AOS Already on System
APVL Approval
ATTM At this time
AUTH Authority, authorise
CB or CL BK, Call back
CC Customer care
CCI Customer called in
CIN Customer I/D number
CCM Customer Care Manager
CMPLT Complete
CNL Cancel
CONF Confidential
COT Change of title
CSM Customer Service Manager
CTI Customer telephoned in
CUST Customer
CUST SUPP Customer Support
DD Direct debit
DESTN Destination
DET(S) Detail(s)
DLVY Delivery
DO… Date of… (e.g. DOB – date of birth)
DPA Data Protection Act
EDD Expected date of delivery
EMERG Emergency
ENRT En route
EST Estimate or estimation
EVAL Evaluate or evaluation
EXTN Extension
FAO For attention of
FONE Telephone
FTE Full-time equivalent
IAW In accordance with
IDENT Identify or identifier or identification
IMPT Important
IMT Immediate or immediately
INFO Information
K Thousand
MAX Maximum
MISG Missing
MULT Multiple
N/A Not applicable
NAP Not at present
NC No change
NIS Not in system
NOAC No action necessary
NOFIN No further information
NT No trace
O/F On file
O/P Overpayment
O/R On request
OTS Out of service
AM/PM Morning/Afternoon
PH Past history
PI Personal issue
PO Purchase order
PYT Payment
QLTY Quality
QNTY Quantity
RECD Received
RE In regard to
REQD Required
REQSTD Requested
RETN Return/Returned
RFC Request for change
RPRT Report
SATFY Satisfy or satisfactory
SC Sort Code
SDBY Standby
SGD Signed
SLA Service Level Agreement
SO Standing order
SP Single payment
SUP Supply
SUSP Suspend
SYS System
TEMP Temporary
TOC To be continued
TOD Time of delivery
TOR Time of receipt
TRANSCODE Transaction code
TRMT Terminate
UNAPV Unable to approve
UNAVBL Unavailable
UNDLD Undelivered
URG Urgent
UNSATFY Unsatisfactory
WEF With effect from
WIBIS Will be issued
WIP Work in progress
WISMO Where is my order?

Download the full list in Excel format

For the full list of  of 541 of the contact centre abbreviations, in a handy Excel spreadsheet format, please click here!

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 9th Nov 2016 - Last modified: 11th Aug 2022
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