Call Recording Reports

collection reports

Recording solutions can generate statistical reports using the data stored about the recorded calls.

These statistics can be used to measure the efficiency of the organisation and the utilisation of the recording system.

Three types of report can typically be generated:

  • Administrators: about utilisation of the recording system, e.g. usage of channels and resources.
  • Managers: regarding the number of calls and average call length per user or user group.
  • Supervisors: by combining use of evaluation reports, supervisors of call centres can assess both the efficiency and quality of agents.

Typical call recording reports

Reports can be generated with typical parameters, such as date, user or channel groups, or a specific channel or user.

Typical report types include:

  • Percentage utilisation
  • Call volume
  • Average call length
  • Hours on calls
Example Reports

Examples of call recording reports

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Author: Jonty Pearce

Published On: 14th Mar 2010 - Last modified: 11th Aug 2022
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