The Top 10 Call Centre Technology for 2009 – the results


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The Call Centre Technology Top 10 for 2009

Well, you have been voting like mad and after receiving an amazing 300 votes from 146 companies, here are the results (ranked according to the number of votes)….

Thanks to everyone who voted and congratulaton to the winners!

The Top 10 Call Centre Technology for 2009

1. RightNow Technologies

Product Name – RightNow CX – the customer experience suite

Brief overview of product:

RightNow CX is a total customer experience solution for consumer-centric organizations serious about enabling superior interactions across web, social, and contact center touchpoints.  RightNow’s on demand CX solutions give companies the ability to coordinate disparate resources across the organization to develop, rapidly execute, and manage a comprehensive customer experience strategy.

RightNow’s on demand CX solutions are a customer experience solution suite that includes a set of applications to address the three experiences that matter most, ensuring a seamless multi-channel experience, regardless of the number or type of interactions initiated.

  • RightNow Web Experience – Create a branded online experience that lets customers seamlessly transition from web self-service to online agent assisted email, chat and co-browse channels.
  • RightNow Social Experience – Brand the social experience, create compelling customer communities and learn from the social conversation.
  • RightNow Contact Centre Experience – Deliver superior customer experiences consistently across multi-channel interactions, maximizing agent productivity, lowering costs, and driving revenue.

RightNow’s on demand CX solutions also include RightNow Engage, which provides applications to deliver deep customer insights and enable proactive, relevant customer communications building loyalty and driving revenue across the web, social, and contact center experiences.

Underlying RightNow’s CX applications is the RightNow CX Platform, which provides a set of foundational elements that infuse knowledge across the entire on demand CX solutions suite and provide integration and mission critical SaaS in support of a superior customer experience.

Release details – Most recent release is November 09, product releases occur every quarter

Approx. number of UK customers using the product – Across EMEA we have hundreds of customers.

Typical customers – Our customers tend to be upper-mid market, large enterprise and government agencies and are typically organisations that serve a vast customer or constituent base; companies such as British Airways, Belgacom, British Telecom, Black&Decker, Comet, Deutsche Telecom, EasyJet, eBay, Fon, Tesco, Tiscali, Nike, Nikon, Orange and Ubisoft.

Typical price for a 100 agent solution – Depends on what requirements and customisation are needed.

Typical voter comments:

“Effective CRM solutions integrated into one application. As an outsourced call centre, productivity is key to providing cost effective solutions and Rightnow gives us the perfect platform to achieve this. Another key benefit is the readily available and customised reporting which gives us all of the MI needed to effectively analyse not only our performance but also effectiveness of various campaigns.”

“Is a great and helpful system which has an great technology which reduce our phone calls at customer service.
Helps us a lot with our daily work for end users as well as retailer employees.”

“We use it for so many things I wouldn’t know where to begin.  The fact that I don’t have to rely on outlook mailboxes to handle my CRM means I have confidence in our customers being handled properly.”

2. CallScripter

Product Name – CallScripter 4.2

Brief overview of product:

Our call scripting software is designed to streamline call centre operations. Because our software is proven to reduce training times, improve customer efficiency and has the option to implement our system as either a premise or hosted solution, we can adapt our applications and training to best suit our clients individual needs (and budgets!).

We are able to ensure that data capture and quality are consistently high, and our aim is to make the interaction between agent and customer as effortless and straightforward as possible. Our product has been developed upon real experience and real knowledge of a demanding call centre, therefore our developers are able to test out new advances in technology on the target audience, ensuring that the product is user-friendly and streamlined.

CallScripter 4.2 is now fully-functional in numerous languages, making it accessible all over the world. Previously the application had the facility to support any language in the agent desktop but required advanced techniques for multilingual scripts. With the new developments finalised the system can now take translations from a nominated database, all within a single script. When dealing with customers of many nationalities the program will allow you to effortlessly run multilingual campaigns, meaning that agents can switch between languages automatically, and reporting can be done separately or across all languages used.

Other new features that contribute to the advanced development of CallScripter 4.2 include a completely revised control set to save time and money, plugin controls, revised validations, new system variables to save on script building time and provide consistency of variable naming across scripts, and a message queue that allows post call events to be automatically queued by the system.

Release details – Since our inception in 2001, both the CallScripter software and our developers have evolved immensely. We have had 7 versions of our product, and in August 2009 CallScripter 4.2 [version 8] was released.

Approx. number of UK customers using the product – We have approximately 50 UK customers using our product, with international clients all over the globe including Australia, the USA, South Africa and Europe.

Typical customers – Within CallScripter we don’t seem to have a ‘typical’ customer. We initially started life as a call centre software company, therefore many of our clients are within the charity and telemarketing sectors. However because of the nature of our software and its flexibility we have now adapted it into a ticketing application, meaning that we can provide solutions for entertainment companies. Our most high profile client is Merlin Entertainments, the world’s second largest entertainments corporation, second only to Disney.

Typical price for a 100 agent solution – As a very approximate guess, a client could expect to pay around £70,000 for a 100 seat system. However this is completely dependent on factors individual to each client, i.e. whether a solution is hosted or premise based.

Typical voter comments:

“CallScripter has saved so much time and money by reducing the need for such heavy and in-depth training due to its excellent scripting ability.”

“The product extracts the essential information from the caller to pass to the client or the recipient of the information.”

“It has simplified creating pop scripts and made our agents far more productive and happier.”

3. Verint

Product Name – Impact 360 Workforce Management

Brief overview of product:

Impact 360 Workforce Management helps today’s multi-site, multimedia contact centres simplify call centre and multimedia contact centre forecasting and scheduling, while providing performance management and eLearning capabilities. With Impact 360 Workforce Management, you can:

  • Reduce costs by staffing appropriately to meet your workload.
  • Improve service by scheduling the right agents with the right skills at the right time.
  • Improve employee effectiveness and retention with eLearning and agent self-service capabilities.

Part of the Impact 360 Workforce Optimisation solution, Impact 360 Workforce Management provides a broad range of functionality, including:

  • Forecasting
  • Scheduling
  • Planning, Adherence, and Management
  • Agent Self-Service
  • KPI Scorecards
  • eLearning

Release details – The current version is v10 SP3.

Approx. number of UK customers using the product – 100+

Typical customers – The users of Impact 360 Workforce Management vary greatly but include organisations looking to improve the efficiency of their people, including organisations like Aviva, Sitel, Shop Direct, npower, Logica, Prudential, Addison Lee, Homeserve, etc

Typical price for a 100 agent solution – The solution pricing depends on the modules purchased, different elements are available and you should contact Verint for more information to gain a price specific to your requirements. For budgetary purposes for a 100 seat solution you should consider a figure of approximately £30,000.

Typical voter comments:

“Comprehensive suite of call center optimization tools.”

“Great flexibility and a lot of value.”

“Verint Impact 360 (WFM) product is really proof of customer needed solution on the market. For WFO & WFM functionality they create standards for others.”

4. Sword Ciboodle

Product Name – Sword Ciboodle

Brief overview of product:

Sword Ciboodle is the business-process-driven CRM software product for multi-channel contact centers. Developed for large companies in sectors such as retail banking, insurance, retail energy and telecommunications, it is the only BPM-based CRM product that enables all service channels natively from a single platform.

Sword Ciboodle combines the next generation of customer-interaction software with the richness and flexibility of the most powerful process-management tools on the market.

Sword Ciboodle is highly modular, and constructed from pre-built process models that have been built for change, underpinned by a process platform designed for high-volume customer service and sales.

Release details – The Sword Ciboodle platform was introduced into the UK in September 2006

Approx. number of UK customers using the product – 35+

Typical customers – Admiral, BGL Group, ScottishPower

Typical price for a 100 agent solution – Sword Ciboodle’s license models and pricing points vary and are flexible depending on client needs but always remain customer confidential. Options include models where pricing is based on concurrent users, number of active user sessions, enterprise wide license, and Capex and Opex models.

Typical voter comments:

“Application is very intuitive and fast.  Provides all tools needed by call center agent to process calls efficiently and provide an excellent customer experience.”

“Has provided a great reporting tool that has increased our sales performance and allowed us to provide targeted coaching and tips to our associates.  “

“This product allows for the fastest most robust solution development for changing environments (which is common for call centres).”

5. Verint

Product Name – Impact 360 Customer Feedback

Brief overview of product:

Impact 360 Customer Feedback can help solicit valuable input from customers. A browser-based solution, Impact 360 Customer Feedback uses short, context-sensitive, dynamic customer surveys to capture data on products, processes, staff performance, and customer loyalty and satisfaction levels.

By gathering data that might otherwise be overlooked or lost, Impact 360 Customer Feedback provides insight into the effectiveness of people, products, and processes, allowing an organisation to take action quickly. As a result, they can do more than simply measure customer satisfaction — they can influence it.

Impact 360 Customer Feedback integrates with the broader Verint Impact 360 Workforce Optimisation solutions, back-office and contact centre software, and CRM systems. It engages customers immediately after their interactions with agents over IVR, Web, and email with short, dynamic customer surveys that are delivered based on business rules the organisation defines.

Release details – Current version is v7.8

Approx. number of UK customers using the product – 10+

Typical customers – Organisations who are looking to understand and improve the customer experience, use NPS to evaluate success or currently use costly postal surveys. Customers include British Gas, Leeds City Council, etc.

Typical price for a 100 agent solution – The solution pricing depends on the modules purchased, different elements are available and you should contact Verint for more information to gain a price specific to your requirements. For budgetary purposes for a 100 seat solution you should consider a figure of approximately £35,000.

Typical voter comments:

“It closes the quality control loop.”

“Verint CF is a flexible solution on the market for customer satisfaction and real time feedback validation.”

“Sabio have also delivered a number of customer feedback solutions into our client contact centres, all of which have not only delivered a significant ROI but have also helped to rationalise the view of quality from now just an internal perspective but in real time from a customer perspective. The Verint customer feedback application has been a massive step forward in improving the customer service delivered by contact centres, and wrapped into the suite of Verint 360 applications allow a business to continually improve the service they are delivering”

6. SpeechStorm

Product Name – SpeechStorm Hosted IVR

Brief overview of product:

The SpeechStorm Hosted IVR framework runs off a fully resilient, secure, scalable, carrier grade platform that is located off-site in a dedicated hosting centre. All standard components such as firewalls, load balancers and high-end application servers are deployed to ensure high availability and n+1 resiliency. The Hosted IVR platform is built to fully support the SpeechStorm IVVO application suite that is comprised of best of breed open standards voiceXML applications including voice, video and DTMF. Back-end CRM systems are supported on the platform through a fully featured Enterprise Service Bus with robust security measures implemented at each layer of the platform architecture.

SpeechStorm applications include; Balance Enquiry, Payment Capture, ID&V, Questionnaire Builder, and Appointment Notifier.

Benefits from the SpeechStorm Hosted IVVO platform:

  • Quick deployment times
  • Very little capital expenditure, and rapid return on investment
  • Low risk solution deployment
  • Full system resilience, and capacity managing large volume spikes
  • Automatic application upgrades & ongoing application tuning
  • SaaS based pricing models

Release details – SpeechStorm Hosted IVR was released to the UK Market in 2006. The platform has grown significantly with many more applications added since it was established.

Approx. number of UK customers using the product – At the moment there are approximately 20 customers in the UK using SpeechStorm Hosted IVR.

Typical customers – DSG, Sita, Asda, NIE, Comet, BCG, Stirling Council

Typical price for a 100 agent solution: SpeechStorm do not have a typical price for a 100 agent solution. Prices often range depending on the customer requirements and the level of involvement required from SpeechStorm.

Typical voter comments:

“Low cost, quick solution for improving customer service – very easy to use and great results.”

“Having the ability to have our services hosted on their platforms helped us enormously.”

“SpeechStorm has the experience and excellent track record of delivering best of breed phone self serve solutions.”

7. Noble Systems

Product Name – The Noble Solution

Brief overview of product:

The Noble Solution suite is a unified Customer Interaction Management solution for today’s advanced enterprise environments. The solution helps organisations control their costs and improve operational efficiencies by providing information management and operational tools to manage blended inbound and outbound communications.

The Noble Solution combines an open platform with an integrated relational database, flexible scripting and workflow designers, monitoring and quality assurance features, skills-based routing, IVR and messaging functions, agent, campaign and workforce management tools and real-time reporting to offer a complete end-to-end solution for total control of all customer interactions.

Release details The first Noble system was developed and sold in 1985. Noble Systems was incorporated in 1989. Over the past 20+ years, Noble has continued to add new features and functionality to the suite. The versions of some our primary components are:

Noble Composer: version 8.2008.4
Noble Composer Web: version 9.2009.1
Noble Maestro: version 2009.1
Noble IVR: version 4.8
Noble Recorder: version 5.2

Approx. number of UK customers using the product – 100+

Typical customers – None provided

Typical price for a 100 agent solution – Not provided

Typical voter comments:

“Comprehensive functionality, well supported and a company easy to do business with.”

“Inbound Outbound and Blended contact, with multi-channel functionality and customisation (e.g. diary system)and call recording.  Enables us to set up numerous campaigns and run concurrently for different clients with different dialling modes.”

“Runs the Call Centre so I can get on with running the business. When implemented, it reduced the costs to a point where it paid for itself and still saved money on an ongoing basis which can be reinvested elsewhere. The Lexus of diallers, unparalleled elsewhere.”

8. Avaya

Product Name – Avaya Contact Centre

Brief overview of product:

Avaya call centres range from a small business contact centre to enterprise level call centres.

There are two levels to Avaya call & contact centre operations: IP Office-driven call centres – for small and medium businesses with call centres of less than 75 agents – and Communications Manager call centres – for enterprise level call centres. The features which characterise Avaya call centres include rich call centre and telephony software and integration with major CRM packages.

Typical voter comments:

“All of the clients that I am responsible for use Avaya Contact Centres as the foundation of their business. They all view the applications and solution that Sabio deliver using Avaya technology as being the best of breed in the marketplace, which not only allow then to deliver a superior service to their competitors, but also impacts on the bottom line.”

“Easy to work with.”

“Most trust worthy technology on the market.”

9. Corizon

Product Name – Corizon Enterprise Mashup Platform

Brief overview of product:

Corizon’s Enterprise Mashup platform allows business users to create ‘fit for purpose’ applications from your existing desktop applications, including windows clients, legacy green screen and web applications. The Corizon approach allows you to either tactically extend or completely integrate your applications – enabling agents to focus on the customer and agent experience improving productivity and delivering great customer service. In summary, we help integrate applications for people!

Release details – Corizon was founded in 2000, and the solution is now in its 4th major release.

Approx. number of UK customers using the product – Corizon has over 5,000 agents with 10 customers that use our Mashup platform on a daily basis.

Typical customers include – contact centres in Telco, Retail, Utilities & Government, for example BT Broadband, BT Global Services, Homeserve and the Student Loan Company. Corizon’s customers have won awards including Best Use of Technology, European Contact Centre Awards (Homeserve), Effective IT (BT Broadband) and finalists at this year’s CCA for Best Technology Partnership.

Typical price for a 100 agent solution – For 100 agents, the solution would cost between £50,000 & £150,000, subject to scope & complexity with an expected return of between 6 & 9 months.

Typical voter comments:

“Best product in the market for a unified agent desktop.”

“Fantastic performance.”

“Focussed desktop specifically for call center agents.”

10. Noetica

Product Name – Synthesys v4.1

Brief overview of product – Synthesys is a complete multi-channel contact centre solution, comprising Business Process Management, Unified Front End, Script-Aware Predictive Dialler and Service Dispatch Software modules. Version 4.1 delivers enhanced business process mapping, campaign management, workflow optimisation, agent performance monitoring and reporting features. The software streamlines business processes, increases agent performance and improves quality standards.

Release details – Synthesys was first released in 1997 and the latest version, Synthesys, v4.1, launched in September 2009, delivering enhanced business process mapping, campaign management, workflow optimisation, agent performance monitoring and reporting features.

Approx. number of UK customers using the product – 53, although Synthesys is used by many more organisations in countries including the USA, Spain, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, The Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Japan, Poland, South Africa and The Czech Republic.

Typical customers – Arvato Bertelsmann, 2 Touch, Mondial, Groupama, British Telecom, Candis, Islington Borough Council, RSVP Call Centres.

Typical price for a 100 agent solution – Price subject to investigation as it varies according to each specific requirement. However, a typical 100 user system will cost approximately £100k.

Typical voter comments:

“Eliminating Silent calls is a must!”

“Good scripting module, strong predictive dialler formula.”

The following companies are Highly Commended:

Company – OpenSpan

Product Name – OpenSpan

Brief overview of product:

OpenSpan is a software platform that makes it much faster and easier for call centres to integrate all of the applications used by customer-facing staff. Once integrated, tasks that span multiple applications can be automated to improve agent productivity, enhance customer service and ensure compliance. OpenSpan also provides the ability to monitor all agent activities at the desktop level, enabling call centre managers to identify process bottlenecks and establish real-time alerts for agent compliance violations.

With extremely short implementation times, often of only several weeks, OpenSpan offers call centres ROI within a matter of months. For every 1,000 agent desktops deployed with OpenSpan, call centres on average experience over £600,000 cost savings on an annual basis.

Release details – OpenSpan was founded in 2004. The current version of the platform, 4.1, was released in July 2009.

Approx. number of UK customers using the product – 20

Typical customers – 5 of the Fortune 30; 5 of the top 40 global telecommunications providers; 2 of the top 5 largest banks in the Forbes Global 2000; 2 of the top 10 largest diversified financial providers in the Forbes Global 2000; 5 of the top 100 largest banking and diversified financial providers in the Forbes Global 2000.

Typical price for a 100 agent solution – Circa £50, 000, subject to requirements and configuration.

“Nimble and flexible tool.”

Company – eGain

Product Name – eGain Knowledge Agent Advanced

Brief overview of product:

eGain Knowledge Agent Advanced is a comprehensive, flexible and extensible Knowledge Base system for Customer Service Agents.

Knowledge Agent Advanced:

  • Provides interactive support to an agent to allow them to diagnose a customer’s problem or provide process support through a conversational interface that dynamically suggests the right questions to ask until a resolution is reached or the process completed. This is targeted at the types of call that first-line agents will regularly escalate or may provide the wrong answer for, prompting repeat calls.
  • Improves the agent ability to access accurate and consistent information quickly. Agents will recognise the resolution when presented and can effectively transmit this information to a customer.

Agents can rapidly find the information they seek using a variety of access methods ranging from search, browse, FAQ to configurable useful items folders and powerful interactive searches.  Knowledge Agent Advanced has a highly configurable user interface and is supported by a powerful workflow engine.

Users in the system are able to create content in defined areas of the knowledge base.  The content can be HTML or rich-text based, contain extensible meta-data, have expiry dates, can have associated categories, etc. to support agents. Once created, content from these folders can be made available to the agents using a number of different access methods – enabling them to find the information that they require in both a timely and consistent manner.

Knowledge Agent Advanced also allows agents to have all the information that they may require at their fingertips to enable them to answer the easy information-only call, pick up details from external or back office systems to provide up-to-minute detail about orders, stock, or tariffs for example, as well as answering the more complex diagnostic or process-based query where the resolution will depend on the answers to a number of questions. For those diagnostic queries, the system utilises Case Based Reasoning to support the agent when diagnosing complex queries and offerings query resolution.

The use of Case Based Reasoning as part of Knowledge Agent Advanced positively impacts first call resolution, AHT, and compliance while reducing training times, returns and engineering visits.

Release details – Latest version (V.9) released October 2009

Approx. number of UK customers using the product – 50+

Typical customers – Enterprise class organisations across all sectors, for example Telco, Retail and the Financial sector.

Typical price for a 100 agent solution – £150, 000 – £250,000 dependant on an organisation’s specifications and requirements.

“The product may not at first glance fill all of your requirements, but the team behind are able to tailor the product to how it is needed.”

Company – Infinity CCS

Product Name – Infinity QA

Brief overview of product:

Traditionally contact centres have evaluated quality and compliance through the use of paper-based call monitoring forms. This approach is very labor-intensive, requiring significant management time per call and often lengthy time lags before feedback can be given to agents. Up until now the alternative has been to invest in expensive quality management modules for the call recording vendors that vary greatly in their capability and locks you into their recording platform.

Infinity QA provides a fresh approach; it is a stand-alone software application that can leverage any existing recording platform. It enables contact centres to automate their paper-based forms, capturing, recording and analysing agent evaluations on-line.

Our customers have found that Infinity QA halves the time taken in performing call evaluations over paper-based systems by either halving the costs of performing quality management, or enabling them to increase the breadth and depth of evaluations they perform.

This time saving alone enables organisations to generate a payback for Infinity QA in months, while gaining the benefits of improved agent productivity, increased sales and customer retention and reduction in agent churn and training costs.

Release details – Infinity QA was made generally available in 2008 and since then we have continued to build and develop capability into the product based on customer feedback.

Approx number of customers using this software in the UK – 100

Typical Customers – Infinity QA users range from one of the UK’s largest outsourcers to small in-house contact centres with as few as 50 agents.  The flexibility and scalability of Infinity QA has enabled us to cater for a wide range of requirements.

Typical price for a 100-agent call centre solution – Infinity QA can be provided as a software purchase or on a pay-as-you-go model.  Organisations can use Infinity QA for as little as £19 per agent per month.

“Because of the ability to standardise QA practices, improve visibility of key quality and compliance issues and save time, effort and money in the long term.”

Company –

Product Name – Salesforce CRM Service, Solution – Service Cloud 2

Brief overview of product:

The world is changing. Customers are demanding more and better service, delivered through every conceivable channel. That’s why more companies are using’s customer service software-as-a-service solution for call center CRM and help desk management. The key contrast with traditional customer support software is our “software as a service” model. Salesforce CRM Customer Service & Support is delivered by subscription over the Web, unlike on-premise customer service software. So there’s no hardware or software to purchase or maintain, and no lengthy deployment cycle to impede you, your agents, or your customers.

For simplicity, no customer service software comes close to delivering call center CRM like Salesforce CRM Service renowned ease of use means agents need less training, resolutions are speedier, and customers stay happy.’s customer service software as a service establishes the industry standard for call center CRM and customer self-service. You get the ease and functionality to maximise the productivity of every agent and deliver customer satisfaction across every channel. What’s more, with the power of our platform, Salesforce CRM Service can be quickly and easily extended, customised, and adapted to any customer service challenge. This stands in stark contrast with conventional client service based customer support software.

Release details – The Service Cloud is based on the multi-tenant platform, with all 63,200 customers using the same version. typically upgrade the platform 3 to 4 times each year. As a result, our customers always on the latest version, with access to the latest features, performance, and security enhancements.  Unlike traditional software platforms, our automatic upgrades help to reduce the legacy pains associated with costly, time consuming upgrades associated with the classic client-server model.

Approx. number of UK customers using the product – While we do not break out our customer numbers by geography, over 8,000 companies globally of all sizes and verticals, have already standardised on the Service Cloud for their customer service operations.

Typical customers – Misys, Easynet, Sony, Orange, Boots, Veolia, Wolseley, Xtracker Bottomline Technologies.

Typical price for a 100 agent solution – CRM applications are based on a subscription model, ensuring our customers have the flexibility to deliver Cloud Computing based applications perfectly tailored to the needs of individual customer service organisations.

“Fast and esy to get running.”

Company – Nexidia

Product Name – Enterprise Speech Intelligence (ESI)

Brief overview of product:

Nexidia is the developer of the multi-award winning solution – Enterprise Speech Intelligence (ESI) – that enables customers to quickly extract detailed and meaningful business intelligence directly from their recorded contact centre interactions.  Based on years of research, Nexidia’s patented phonetic search engine indexes 100% of the call content and creates the most accurate index possible for any spoken content.  With ESI, contact centres can process hundreds of thousands of hours of recorded, unstructured call data at unprecedented speeds.

Nexidia ESI enables customers to turn the “voice of the customer” into useful business intelligence. Nexidia delivers uniquely scalable solutions that offer the lowest total cost of ownership.  The company’s flexible deployment options, low-risk QuickStart program and hosted OnDemand service, ensures that speech analytics can be implemented without complex infrastructure changes, costly upgrades or additional investment in hardware or software.   Being platform-independent it can instantly access call recording data no matter what the legacy recording platform.

The newly launched ESI 8.0 introduces new First Call Resolution (FCR) analysis tools, which are fully integrated into existing customer transaction data from the telephony and CRM infrastructure.  ESI is able to provide valuable insight into critical metrics that drive operational costs and customer experience, allowing businesses to modify their processes or training to benefit both areas.

Release details – Enterprise Speech Intelligence (ESI) 8.0 – launched July 2009

Approx. number of UK customers using the product – 10+

Typical customers – Nexidia’s typical customers are companies that are looking for technologies to support their own Business Change programmes. Industry verticals include Banking, Telecoms, Health Insurance, Outsourcers, Collections Companies and Regulators. What they have in common is the desire to rapidly derive insight from the call recordings, typically in days and weeks and then use this insight to make changes that reduce on-going costs, improve revenues and customer satisfaction.

Typical price for a 100 agent solution – Price on Request

“Highly usable toolset to identify why contact centres receive contacts.”

“Superb speech analytics product, designed from a business user perspective – intuitive interface, excellent reporting, and simple drill down structure.”

Author: Jo Robinson

Published On: 2nd Dec 2009 - Last modified: 12th Feb 2019
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  • Good to see we’re included, we’ll keep working until we get to number 1. Congratulations to all of the other technologies that were in the top 10.

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