CallMiner Accelerates Delivery of Generative AI Capabilities

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CallMiner has announced the availability of new and enhanced generative AI features, extending the rich AI capabilities already available in the company’s platform.

As part of this, CallMiner has adopted a flexible and scalable approach by establishing a framework to monitor and control large language models (LLMs).

This extensible framework, on which the new AI features are built, will accelerate development and delivery of future generative AI capabilities to stay on top of the ever-changing AI environment.

Further, this innovative framework will give organizations even more control over their generative AI outputs.

CallMiner’s new generative AI capabilities, alongside existing AI-powered features like AI-based contact summarization, AI redaction, and more, keep the company on the cutting-edge of innovation in the conversation intelligence industry.

CallMiner’s New and Enhanced Platform Features Include:

AI Classifiers

The CallMiner platform has always delivered the capabilities that empower users to construct queries and uncover key business insights from customer interactions, such as frontline employee effectiveness, customer effort, customer satisfaction, and more.

CallMiner’s new AI classifiers use LLMs to automatically label context present in those interactions.

With generative AI, organizations can automatically evaluate customer conversations based on similar interactions, reducing the time and effort needed to gain critical insights and drive strategic business decisions.

Semantic Search

Now generally available, semantic search enables organizations to automatically discover insights within omnichannel customer interactions.

Through advanced ‘search for meaning’ capabilities, users can use natural language statements to return results with similar meanings, rather than identifying keywords. Further, results can be made broader or more precise through a simple filter function.

By searching for contextual meaning via sematic search, CallMiner is improving platform ease-of-use and helping organizations more effectively uncover business insights related to strategic initiatives, such as contact centre efficiency, CX improvement, and more.

CallMiner GPT

CallMiner continues to enhance its in-platform conversational assistance help bot, CallMiner GPT, which has been available since early 2023.

By continuing to train the help bot on new and expanded knowledge bases, CallMiner is making it easier for users to ask questions related to platform use and functions.

Receiving answers to questions in the moment means users can more efficiently and effectively get value from the platform within their everyday workflows.

“Many companies are fearful of not jumping on the generative AI bullet train to get the most out of this technology as quickly as possible,” said Bruce McMahon, Chief Product Officer, CallMiner.

“At the same time, organizations have very real concerns about how to adopt this technology in a responsible manner.

CallMiner has established itself as an AI leader – both with the continued delivery of AI capabilities, like AI classifiers and sematic search, and with our focus on agility and responsibility that ensures our customers can take an ROI-first approach to AI.

With CallMiner’s AI-powered platform, organizations are able to advance their contact centres and CX initiatives with speed and confidence.”

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Published On: 26th Mar 2024
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