Case Study: CarShop Offers Multichannel Experience

CarShop have partnered with mplsystems to provide a fully unified customer journey.

The Challenge

CarShop had previously relied on manual, paper-based processes and disparate systems to manage different stages of the purchasing process. This disjointed approach meant that customer data existed in silos, and it was difficult to share important information across the business at each stage of the customer journey.

“The contact centre had no way of communicating customer information easily to the stores, which meant customers who had made an enquiry online or via telephone prior to visiting a store often found themselves repeating information that they had already provided. Not only did this conflict with the business’s strategic agenda, but it also limited the opportunities for increased revenue as the sales team struggled to effectively manage the pipeline of leads,” said Leo Nelson, Marketing Director at CarShop.

The Solution

Following a review process, the retailer selected mplsystems as a technology partner. The off-the-shelf solution was customisable to their needs and could integrate all of their existing customer channels, including phone, email and webchat, into a single platform.

Agents in the contact centre were provided with an advanced desktop solution that presents all the relevant information on the customer including contact details, purchase history, contact history and records of other visits or enquiries made. This enables the agents to find, update and progress a customer enquiry more efficiently than before, improving the customer experience.

To extend the visibility of this customer data to the sales team in store, mplsystems integrated with CarShop’s existing systems to provide a CRM downstream with an API designed for their ‘vision terminal’ in-store PoS system.

“The vision terminals have allowed the team to move away from their previous manual processes by providing them with access to all customer information on an intuitive touchscreen user interface that seamlessly leads them through the purchasing journey.
Therefore when a customer walks in to a store, the sales team are equipped with all the information they need to seamlessly progress the customer’s enquiry,” said Darren Laughton, Head of IT at CarShop. 

The Benefits

  • Significant shift in business performance since transforming their business processes and customer experience technology
  • Improvement in sales conversion from 36.4% to 40.8% in first year
  • The contact centre team have improved their outbound calling by 20%
  • Custom reports enabled the management team to effectively manage key performance metrics to help improve the customer experience on an ongoing basis

The solution has enabled the company to blend the digital and physical environments of the customer journey. Each customer touchpoint is now joined up and information is shared across the business for full visibility of each and every customer.

A customer is now able to walk into a store and simply pick up from where they left off with any previous interaction, whether that be online, the contact centre, or in another store. The link is unbroken and the customer receives a personalised customer experience every time.

For more information about mplsystems, visit their website.

Published On: 23rd Mar 2016 - Last modified: 18th Dec 2018
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