Case Study: Comdata Implements a New Virtual Desktop Solution

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This case study investigates how Comdata was able to deploy virtual desktops, across multiple global locations, to successfully overcome some key organizational problems.

Introducing Comdata

Comdata is one of the big players in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and a leader in customer interaction and process management.

The organization offers primarily:

  • Customer experience consulting
  • Customer journey analysis
  • Change management support
  • Multichannel contact centre tools
  • Other technologies, including automation and chatbots

The Challenges Comdata Faced

Sylvain Laurent, IT Project Manager at Comdata France, explains some of the biggest IT challenges that his company was facing.

As explained in the video, the three key challenges that Comdata faced included:

1. The Size of the Company

Comdata is a growing company, spread across many locations. IT landscapes were being built from a legacy of systems and infrastructure, across several countries, with technical workforce scattered among production sites of varying sizes, speaking different languages, operating in every different environment from London to Madagascar.

2. The Variety of Operations Within the Company

Each customer is different and will have specific requirements: in-house legacy software, in-house telephony, security concerns, particular process or workflow.

3. There Was a Need for Flexibility and Efficiency

Customers will typically require a very prompt roll-out from the word go. Comdata often has to set up whole dedicated environments within a very short timeframe and configure dozens or hundreds of workstations in a few days or less.

How Wisper Could Help

Comdata turned to Wisper’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to help solve each of these challenges that they we facing. Wisper’s solution is known as “ceBoxOS”.

“Other VDI solutions were considered,” says Sylvain. “Several of our sites were already using Wisper technology quite successfully.”

“The main benefit was that ceBoxOS provides the same environment, which we can replicate across our different locations. It facilitates harmonizing our set-up and support procedures across the IT manpower.

ceBoxOS provides the same environment, which we can replicate across our different locations.

“To deploy & manage workstations in minimum time, we build a computer master, which includes our Comdata software, telephony, antivirus.. and our customer’s software package if any (hard clients, Microsoft office, VPN client…). We test the master and then replicate it across however many computers we need for the operation.”

“I worked on the setting-up of our new site in Stuttgart a couple of years back where we had to take over an existing business and transition the ongoing operations to our own Comdata telephony systems and software.”

“Business could not stop for the take-over, so we had to replace all existing computers, telephones, server and networking equipment, and roll out our own machines overnight. We were able to prepare a network cabinet with a preconfigured ceBoxOS server, set it all up alongside the existing hardware still in operation.”

“When the office shutdown for the night, we set about replacing the workstations with the small Intel NUC computers and were able to prepare30 workstations ready for 7:00 am the next morning.”

“Many of our operations are located across different countries – the same service is carried out from France, Morocco or Madagascar. ceBoxOS makes it possible to ensure the very same computer image is maintained and distributed centrally to separate locations.”

Any configuration change can be immediately dispatched overnight to every relevant work positions, wherever it is.”

9 Benefits That Comdata Realized by Implementing Wisper’s Technology

According to feedback from Sylvain, Comdata were able to realize numerous benefits from implementing Wisper’s ceBoxOS technology. These included:

  1. It provides the same environment, which can be replicated across different locations
  2. It facilitates harmonizing set-up and support procedures across the IT department
  3. It can be deployed in a very quick time
  4. It provides a brand new desktop every morning, as if fresh out of the box, with a clean master image, free from any external file or downloads, with an empty browser cache. It’s the ultimate reboot.
  5. It deploys remote updates and keeps hold of any previous computer’s image – should you need it.
  6. It works via softphone and calls transit through the computer and network.
  7. It’s secure, even with the recent challenge with regard to the need to quickly roll out working-from-home positions.
  8. It’s backed up with great support from the Wisper team, who stick to GDPR and data protection regulations.
  9. It was rolled out by ComData across thousands of positions in record time
Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 17th Dec 2020 - Last modified: 22nd Dec 2020
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