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Plantronics has teamed up with Faya Nilsson of Fitness on Toast to create a series of desk-based exercises.

The study of 2,000 British workers has found that the top concern is putting on weight as a result of remaining seated for prolonged periods.

More than half said their health had suffered since starting an office job and many complained that they have constant back or neck ache. Almost a third reported feeling mentally exhausted from sitting down for so long.

A 73% majority reported that the only time they stretch their legs at work is to visit the bathroom or get a drink. So it’s little wonder that, on average, workers have gained 7lb in the last year, with one in five putting on 14lb or more.

The problem is, although 80% of people would like to fit more exercise into their work routine, up to 40% either don’t know how to or don’t have the time.

Prompted by these results, Plantronics has teamed up with Faya Nilsson of Fitness on Toast to create a series of desk-based exercises. The simple workouts, which can be done while wearing a wireless headset, include tricep dips using an office chair, incline press-ups using a desk and squats using water bottles. The selection of exercises illustrate how busy workers can still tone their glutes and core without interrupting their work day or missing important calls.

“A healthy workforce is a happy workforce, and the growth of wireless and connected headsets in the workplace mean employees can stay active, even when they’re on conference calls. Faya’s exercises are a great way to work exercise into busy schedules,” said Paul Clark, VP General Manager at Plantronics.

“A quick walk around the office or some light stretching of your back, arms or legs, all while on a call, can help make you feel more active and energised, both mentally and physically. I’m glad to be working with Plantronics on this project,” said Faya Nilsson, Founder of Fitness on Toast.

Author: Megan Jones

Published On: 20th Jan 2016 - Last modified: 17th Sep 2019
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  • “We are pleased that there’s a football and a dodgeball team who compete and train regularly. We also sometimes have Free Fruit Fridays. It’s important to keep fit and eat healthily when you have a desk job”.

    Louise Roberts 9 Feb at 14:04