Personalisation is Held Back by Data Protection or Security Issues

According to our poll, half of those involved in the contact centre industry believe that data protection and security issues are the greatest restraints for the growth of personalisation in their field.

There was also strong concern for how business rules may prevent personalisation in the contact centre, with over a third of those surveyed suggesting that this would be significant hurdle for them to face.

Poll – “What do you think are the blockers to personalisation?” – answers

Individuals not having unique phone numbers – 18%
Not having accurate phone numbers stored – 18%
IT Infrastructure – 18%
Business Rules – 36%
Data Protection or Security Issues – 50%

(Multiple answers were allowed during this poll, so the total does not add up to 100%.)

Source: Call Centre Helper Webinar Poll – Webinar: 5 Ways to Deliver a Personalised Service       Sample size – 59      Date: November 2016

Published On: 27th Jan 2017 - Last modified: 18th Sep 2019
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