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In this short video clip, Clinton Jordan, The Motivational Vocal Coach, gives an example of the contrast between the warmer ‘language of love’ and sharp ‘nasal tone’.

Video Transcript

So an example of just using your cavities. You could either use your cavities to express a soft, comforting place, maybe sounding more maternal or paternal.

By softening the sound when you approach that conversation, or responding, so someone has engaged, and they’ve given a bit of sensitive information.

Just by responding and receiving that information, and receiving in the tonality of – let’s call it love or sympathy and love.

By just opening up the pharyngeal cavity, that yawning space, and saying, “Okay. Thank you, Mr Jordan, for that. Thank you for that information.”

It softens the area. It softens the tone and it has denoted a place of receiving with thanks. As opposed to going to my nasal cavity. These are the places that you can find in a song and everyone on the planet can access those places.

So let’s change that instead of going “Thank you for that Mr Jordan. Thank you for the information”. Let’s take that to our nasal cavity.

“Okay. Thank you for that information Mr Jordan”. This is penetrative.

If we go back to this one “Thank you for the information Mr Jordan. Let me look into your file”. Then number two “Okay. Thank you for that Mr Jordan. Let’s look into your file.”

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Author: Clinton Jordan
Reviewed by: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 7th Feb 2023 - Last modified: 15th Nov 2023
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