How You Can Get the Best out of Your Outbound Dialler


Ben Booth at MaxContact outlines how contact centres can get the best of their outbound dialler.

How You Can Get the Best out of Your Outbound Dialler

Ben Booth at MaxContact
Ben Booth

So we’ve seen the evolution over the last few years.

Where typically contact centres with outbound predictive dialling will use a big list and dial through that list. The problem with that is that all data was treated equally and it’s not.

So tools like custom data fetching and contact strategies were introduced, in which you can implement custom queries.

An example of that would be as a debt collector I can fetch the data based on propensity to pay and debt amounts. And I can introduce different criteria throughout the day, like time-of-day dialling, and optimize the results.

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Published On: 17th Jan 2023 - Last modified: 18th Jan 2023
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