Recorded Webinar: 12 Interesting Things That You Should Be Doing

These will range from new channels, new techniques as well as a number of simple tips and techniques.   Some could have profound impacts on your contact centre, others could be implemented within a matter of days.


  • Jonty Pearce, Call Centre Helper
Webinar Slides: 12 Interesting Things We Have Spotted this Year - That You Should Be Doing by Jonty Pearce

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  • Ian Morton – Budd
Webinar Slides: 12 Interesting Things We Have Spotted this Year - That You Should Be Doing by Ian Morton

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  • Mike Murphy – Interactive Intelligence
Webinar Slides: 12 Interesting Things We Have Spotted this Year - That You Should Be Doing by Mike Murphy

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Topics discussed

  • Understanding why some advisors perform better
  • Cloning best practice
  • Exceeding customer expectations
  • Developing good listening skills
  • Building rapport
  • The right tools for the advisor desktop
  • Pivoting between channels
  • Knowledge management
  • Top tips from the audience
  • 12 things you have spotted this year – As it was the last Webinar of the year, we gave away 12 spot prizes. Congratulations to:

#Spotted – Due to higher contact volumes and customers wanting calls and live chats dealt with faster and faster out contact centre agents often now handle more than one contact at a time – Kate4

#Spotted – Management starting to understand that Quality measurements and quality of service are as important (if not more important) than traditional Quantitative KPIs when measuring performance – David27

#Spotted – Using customer verbatim and FCR route cause analysis to dentify opportunities for up front servicing options (Web first or IVR) to reduce failure demand or calls. – Craig11

#Spotted – Social Media interactions often highlight short term contact centre problems within your business, ie wait times, bad customer service, unresolved issues. – Alex12

#Spotted – Customers are getting survey fatigued by constant survey requests which seem to lead no where. However this does mean the effect when you do tell a customer you have implemented changes from their feedback the customer is very surprised and satisfaction up considerably. – Nerys4

#Spotted – Customer journey mapping starting to gain traction over business process mapping – understanding its about customers experience not them fitting into our processes – Steve17

#Spotted – Sharing peer best practices are actioned much quicker than when we promote best practices – Pam2

#Spotted – Not enough organisations are truly complying to all PCI DSS regulatory rules – Christine6

#Spotted – Finding the right people. Working in a call centre is challenging and you need an all-round range of skills mainly excellent customer service. We have struggled with new employees who though demonstrating this skill cannot deal with the demands of a call-centre environment. – Tom13

#Spotted – Quality training to be provided – over the years have seen poor training and then wonder why staff not upskilled sufficiently – Pam2

#Spotted – Great point raised. Enhanced web self service should also deflect low value calls from the Contact Centre. At the point the customer escalates the agent is now dealing with high value interactions – Simon 15

#SpottedMost companies are now moving towards web based systems and in doing so, systems are much faster, more time is allocated to supervisors and managers to actually do some supervision and are even taking calls as well as the staff. Friendly competitions between supervisors and staff is always interesting and the supervisors can understand what sort of calls are coming in ie volume and content – Suzette1

Original Webinar date: December 2014

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