Have You Got a Plant on Your Call Centre Desk?

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Following National Plants at Work Week, we thought we would ask “Have you got a plant on your desk?”

There’s something about plants that most of us love, whether it’s their flowers or their calming effect.  But did you know that plants in the workplace keep us feeling tip-top, calmer and happy, too?  On top of that, they help us to concentrate and be more productive – something the boss will like!

Did you know?

  • Plants keep the air clean and refresh it with oxygen for you to breathe
  • Being able to see plants or having one on your desk makes you less stressed or depressed
  • They can also raise humidity levels so that you feel more comfortable
  • Amazingly, we are more productive when they’re around too

No room on your desk?

If room or Health and Safety make having plants around you difficult, ask the powers that be about installing a green wall. (A green wall is a wall, either free-standing or part of a building, that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and, in some cases, soil.)  These can be a permanent feature or a mobile one.  They take up little room and can really make a difference to a workspace.

So, have you got a plant on your desk?

Author: Jo Robinson

Published On: 17th Jul 2013 - Last modified: 19th Aug 2020
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1 Comment
  • We have plants all round the office. They make the environment more friendly and add a splash of colour.

    Some staff have their ‘own’ plants they look after too.

    Anneliese 18 Jul at 09:39