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NICE has announced that DiDi Global has selected NICE Workforce Management (WFM) and Employee Engagement Manager (EEM) for its cloud-based innovative technology.

DiDi is now positioned to forecast, schedule, and manage contact centre operations worldwide; improve operational efficiency and employee engagement, and prepare agents to be capable of first call resolution.

Betta, responsible for supporting one of the largest WFM customer bases globally, has partnered with NICE Value Realization Services during implementation to execute integrations and deliver consultation, training, and support services in multiple countries.

DiDi Global searched for a workforce management solution that would address its core business, functional, and technical requirements while being scalable to support growth.

With operations across multiple continents with specific regional characteristics, NICE WFM combines AI and flexibility to meet most scheduling requirements that are cost-efficient and accurate to maintain optimum service levels.

With precise forecasting, properly skilled agents will be available at the right times, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

The addition of NICE EEM allows staffing needs to be addressed in real-time, allowing agents to self-manage their work schedules and produce higher employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Additionally, with Intelligent Intraday Automation, a proactive approach makes adjustments as needed and eliminates issues before they occur.

Caio Poli, International Customer Experience Executive Director, DiDi Global, said, “NICE was the clear choice based upon multiple factors.

We were looking for the best-in-class WFM cloud solution that would allow our worldwide operations to provide the best customer experience with operational efficiency and employee engagement by a solid organization that we trust to deliver anywhere in the world.

NICE Intelligent Intraday Automation capabilities are impressive, and our decision was driven by an AI-powered approach and the speed and flexibility of the cloud.”

Yaron Hertz, President, NICE Americas, said, “As DiDi continues its global expansion, NICE is excited for the opportunity to serve one of the most dynamic and innovative app-based transportation companies of the digital era.

We believe that by selecting NICE’s AI-powered forecasting and machine learning best-fit scheduling for contact centres and employees, it will help energize DiDi’s future success.”

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Published On: 27th Feb 2024
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