Only 7% of Contact Centres are Using Speech Analytics?


Only 7% of contact centres are currently using speech analytics. However, an additional 23% of industry professionals responded by saying that they were considering emplacing the technology in their contact centre.

Overall, the most popular option selected was “no plans”, which is most probably due to the high costs of speech / interaction analytics. So, the figure of 44%, may drop with time, when the technology becomes cheaper.


Poll – “Do you already use Speech Analytics – answers

We already have it – 7%
We are considering it – 23%
No plans – 44%
Not sure – 26%

Source: Call Centre Helper webinar: New Solutions for Quality Monitoring and Performance Management     Sample size – 115     Date: March 2013

Published On: 4th Aug 2013 - Last modified: 18th Sep 2019
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